Sunday, November 8, 2015

Free Free Palestine, BDS and end the occupation, are about destroying all OF Israel, killing Jews and enhancing terror..

"Free Free Palestine", BDS, "end the occupation" are about destroying all OF Israel and killing Jews, and aiding and abetting more Muslim terrorism. "You do not make peace with enemies. You make peace with former enemies" Brett Stephens WSJ 11/110/15 In December 2014, 78% of Palestinians expressed support for “attempts to stab or run over Israelis” in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Only 20% were opposed. Palestinians have also consistently supported terrorist attacks against Israelis within Israel’s original borders, “often by as much as six to one.” Palestinian state supporters at this time, are Jew haters, or if Jewish, delusional, fratricidal, immoral Cains. The "end the occupation" movement is based purely on lies, and to cover up their barbarian atrocities over their own populations. The only “occupation” by Jews is of the one tiny Jewish nation in the world of massive 65 Muslim Countries, which barbarian Muslims can’t stomach, just as they now invade Europe because they will always believe Europe should be Muslim. Go talk to the Chines about their decades long real occupation of Tibet. This historic Jewish land has been Jewish for 4000 years, since the Bible first says Jews were promised it by God, and rightfully awarded to Jews by international law. They target Jews as a scapegoat to divert attention from the barbaric, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-freedom, anti-democratic countries over which they enslave their populations. The only free Arabs in the entire region are in Israel and that is very dangerous for the tyrannical barbarians in the neighborhood. israel is one o the few truly great gifts to the world, contributing HUGELy to the world in every way. The jihadist Muslims are just JEALOUS, and scapegoating/lying about Israel and Jews to divert attention from the misery they force on their people. Israel is the great hope of all Arabs because it shows freedom can exist in the Middle East. 1. History of Judea/Palestine/Israel. a. Jerusalem, established by King David as Israel’s capital 995 BCE, mentioned 700x in our Bible, 0 in Quran. 995 BCE b. Romans changed name of Jewish Judea to Palestine in 2nd century to divert attention away from the Jewish inhabited land. They named it after a foreign people, the Philistines, which had zero connection to the region or any Arabs. (1a). c. Soviets created the phony Palestinian people in modern times. (1b) Phony Palestinians started killing Jews BEFORE Israel won Gaza and West Bank in 1967. PLO started in 1964. What did they want to liberate then? Obviously ALL of Israel (1c) 2. This phony people are just an extension of Muslim and Arab desire to kill Jews and steal Israel from Jews. Hamas openly call for all Jews dead and Israel gone. Abbas encourages stabbing and killing Jews, never has said he’s ok with Jewish state. Palestinian leaders are brutal tyrants, corrupt, mass murderers, undemocratic, kill gays, honor killings, war criminals, oppress women, lie about Jews 3. BDS movement is not about boycott. It is about destroying Israel. It is funded by terrorist groups. 3a. Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and CAIR all are terrorist sponsored and linked groups 3b. Phony Palestinian narrative based on ALL LIES (3c) 97% Palestinians live under Palestinian rule. When given a choice in pew poll, most Palestinians said they preferred to live in Israel, rather than a Palestinian state. (3d) 4. Israel is quickly becoming a partisan issue in USA. American Democrats have turned on Israel increasingly. Delegates to 2012 Dem convention booed Jerusalem. 42/46 Dem Senators voted for Iran deal. Hundreds of examples of Obama’s support for Islamic jihad and anti-Israel timeline 4a Hillary’s long hatred of Israel and support for Islamic jihad 4b. The world will turn a blind eye to Iran or Isis, Hamas, etc nuking 6.3 million Jews in Israel and killing every Jew in the diaspora they can find 4c 5. Leftist Jews who condemn Israel are delusional and fratricidal and have bought into the lying Palestinian narrative 6. If the terrorists succeed and Israel is destroyed, what will you have? A tyrannical, barbaric, dictatorship that hangs gays, brothers kills young sisters who refuse to marry men 50 years older, no freedom: in other words your typical horrible Islamic nation. Israel is the great hope of all Arabs because it shows freedom can exist in the Middle East. . see video See support for all above points here

1.a Rome .html
1b. Soviets
1c. 1964 kill
2. Pales kill Abbas
3a. BDS terror
bs MSA
3c pales lies
3d choice prefer israel

4a. obama anti israel
4b Hillary
4c world does not care

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