Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trump is going to set the region aflame???

“HUGE day in Jewish history. Righting a historic anti-Semitic injustice, Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since 995 BCE under King David but it is the ONLY NATION on earth the US has not allowed to declare it's own capital. Shame on all previous presidents and kudos to Trump.

Trump is going to set the region aflame???

"Let me get this straight. Syria's got a civil war. Iraq's got a civil war. Lebanon is being slowly digested by Hezbollah. Yemen's got a civil war. ISIS is operating in Egypt. Hamas is doing what Hamas does. The Palestinians are paying people to stab Jews. They have never had any intention in living peacefully next to a Jewish state.  Libya is butchering Nigerian slaves. (Re-read that one.) Iran is building nukes to go on their missiles. Iran is trying to subvert Bahrain and spreading state sponsored terrorism around the region."

Fearing for the future

Fearing for the future
Millennials are now biggest voting block and are 2-1 Democratic leaning by poll. Shows 1. How stupid they are and 2. How successful the left has been infiltrating the universities. EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE is overwhelming but that does not matter to many. Obama/Democrats gave us worst economic growth ever over 8 years, record poverty, a world on fire, record poor labor participation, no wage increases for middle class, $150 billion to Iran, skyrocketing health insurance premiums, Israel shunned, race riots, massive illegal immigration, tyrants embraced, doubled all previous federal debt. In just one year Trump has improved on all that. Does not matter to stupid Americans.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Are Democrats stupid, misinformed, or just evil?

Are Democrats stupid, misinformed, or just evil? Democrats after 8 years of Obama =record poverty, doubled all previous debt, worst ever economic pathetic growth over 8 years, collapsing Obamacare sold on lies, all our enemies and adversaries flourished ( Iran, Al Quida, Isis, N Korea, China, Russia), coddled dictators (Cuba, Venezuela, ), gutted our military, used IRS to abuse pro-Israel and conservative groups, corrupted Justice Dept. (Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton), Israel backstabbed repeatedly, race riots, killing of police, massive illegal immigration, one million new Shariah supporting Muslims, record anti-Semitism on college campuses from Obama’s Muslims, record business killing regulations, 

Do your Democrat Jewish friends realize the extent of how quickly the US Dems are becoming as anti-Israel as British Labour Party?

Do your Democrat Jewish friends realize the extent of how quickly the US Dems are becoming as anti-Israel as British Labour Party? This is besides Obama's out-the-door UN abstention being named the MOST ANTI-Semitic Act in the world in 2016 by Simon Wiesenthal organization and aside from 52 of 54 Dem Senators supporting Obama's catastrophic Iran deal and aside from Cong. Keith Ellison, Hamas supporter, being VP of DNC +extent of horrible anti-Israel stuff found in Hillary's emails.
? Today: Prof. Alan Dershowitz: "Ten congressional Democrats want lenient treatment for young terrorists who murder Israelis"…/c235…/ss_alan-dershowitz%3A-ten.html

Talking points to your leftist adversaries

Talking points to your leftist adversaries
1. Obama was WORST president in at least 100 years. His 8 years:
a. Record poverty
b. Worst EVER economic growth, never ONCE = 3% annually
c. Massive increase racial tension
d. DOUBLED all Previous DEBT $9 trillion to $20 trillion
e. Massive increase illegal immigration They will lie and claim he deported more than any. That s because he CHANGED the DEFNITION of deportation to include “catch and release.”
f. Most anti-SEMITIC act in WORLD in 2016 was his “out-the-door” UN abstention declaring much of Israel illegally occupied territory
g. Cozied up to most of world’s worst tyrants including Chavez (venezuala), Putin, Iran, Castro, Turkey,
h. Catastrophic Iran led has led to massive upsurge in Iran terrorist activity
i. Did nothing to slow N Korea nuclear program
j. Gutted military
k. Obamacare built on a lies: “keep your dr, keep your plan, save avg. famly $2500 annually, will cost S only $900 billion .” ALL LIES.
l. Obamacare has left just as many uninsured and most new insured were 1. Forced by law to enroll or 2. Given free Medicaid care well beyond original intention of Medicaid.
m. Democrats CAUSED 2007 recession, not Bush…/new-study-finds-democrat…/
n. Spent hundreds of millions and used staff to try and defeat israel’s prime Minister in their sovereign electons
2. Trump has BEST first year of any president in 100 years
a. Already 2 consecutive quarters of 3% or more economic growth
b. massive DECREASE in illegal immigration
c. Faster deregulation than under Reagan
d. Unemployment lowest in decades
e. Surge in stock markets to record after record
f. preparing tax reform to further surge economy
Hundreds of other accomplishments

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hillary corruption and Uranium One

One Year of Silence on Hillary Clinton Uranium Deal

For more than a year, the mainstream media has failed to ask Hillary Clinton some very basic questions about a series of extremely troubling deals. Why?

Last Spring, my book Clinton Cash was released and it initially set off a media maelstrom. It began on April 19, 2015, with a leaked copy of the book going to the New York Times. The copy was not sent by me or my publisher. If the Clintons leaked the book with the hope of having it prematurely dismissed, that proved to be a mistake. The paper called the book “the most anticipated and feared book” of the political season. The Times went on to note that the book was hardly a hysterical attack on the Clintons, but rather, “mainly in the voice of a neutral journalist” who “meticulously documents his sources, including tax records and government documents.”
Things got worse for the Clintons a few days later when two New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters, Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, took two of the most explosive chapters in the book and did their own digging. What they found confirmed what I had reported. They ran a 3,000-word, front-page article in the paper confirming that:
–Bill and Hillary Clinton had helped a Canadian financier named Frank Giustra and a small Canadian company obtain a lucrative uranium mining concession from the dictator in Kazakhstan;
–The same Canadian company, renamed Uranium One, bought uranium concessions in the United States;
–The Russian government came calling and sought to buy that Canadian company for a price that would mean big profits for the Canadian investors;
–For the Russians to buy that Canadian company, it would require the approval of the Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department, because uranium is a strategically important commodity;
–Nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to State Department approval;
–Some of the donations, including those from the Chairman of Uranium One, Ian Teler, were kept secret, even though the Clintons promised to disclose all donations;
–Hillary’s State Department approved the deal;
–The Russian government now owns 20 percent of U.S. uranium assets.
In short, here was what you might call a radioactive scandal. It included secret donations, the Russian government, foreign financiers, more than $145 million, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. And this was just two chapters of the book.
And yet, one year later, Hillary Clinton has never once been asked about this controversial uranium deal by the national media. It never came up during the many Democratic Party presidential debates; never during any of her media appearances on cable news or network television; never by print journalists who are covering her campaign.
The single time she was asked about the uranium deal was by a local reporter in New Hampshire. In June 2015, she sat down with Josh McElveen of local television WMUR. Kudos to McElveen, who raised the uranium deal during the interview. Hillary’s response was evasive. She tried to obscure the facts. She argued that as Secretary of State she was unaware of the deal. She also claimed that the flow of money and the transfer of the uranium were not connected because the timing “doesn’t work.” She claimed that the money flowed from the Canadians to the Clinton Foundation before she was Secretary of State.
This is flat out untrue. As I reported, and the New York Times confirmed, the chairman of Uranium One, Ian Telfer, was making donations to the Clinton Foundation at the time that the State Department was reviewing the sale to Russia. Those donations were kept secret by the Clinton Foundation. Remember: the Clintons had promised President Obama and the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee that they would disclose all donations.
It is remarkable that in the year following the release of Clinton Cash and a 3,000-word article on the front page of the New York Times confirming these facts, that no one in the media (save Mr. McElveen) has been interested in asking Hillary Clinton about this troubling uranium deal.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2 sick magazines reflecting the total absurdity and evil of the LEFT.

2 sick magazines reflecting the total absurdity and evil of the LEFT.

1. Glamour glamorizes evil anti-Semite.
2. GQ put America hater Colin Kapernick on cover. calls him "citizen of the year"
3. Glamour also did this bizarro: trans Jenner "woman of the year"?