Monday, May 29, 2017

Democrats are exactly like immature children.

Democrats are exactly like immature children. 1. When they don't get their way, they resort to violence. 2. They don't listen to opinions with which they do not agree. 3. They lie lie lie without a second thought 4. When caught with their hand in the cookie jar (scandals), they blame everyone else. 5. To throw the parents off the trail they distract with phony issues. 6. They want to have their needs provided for without responsibility or earning it 7. Their immaturity can endanger the family 8. They think money grows on trees. They want to spend spend spend without worrying family can't afford it. Obama doubled all our debt. 9. When confronted with facts, they call you names (racist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc) 10. Often they are ignorant of the facts because they watch and read only FAKE NEWS leftist sources that leave out any reality that does not conform to liberal beliefs

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Magnificent first foreign trip for Trump.

Magnificent first foreign trip for Trump. Saudis thrilled Trump is president and not Obama. King greeted Trump, but not Obama on presidential trip Israel thrilled Trump is president and not Obama. Egypt Trump is president and not Obama All our allies thrilled Trump is president and not Obama Who preferred Obama? N. Korea. Iran. Cuba. Isis. Al Quida. Russia. China. All our adversaries and enemies.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Obstruction of Justice? Sessions prosecute the DEMOCRATS!!!

Obstruction of Justice? -DEMOCRATIC Secr. Dept. Justice Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on her plane day before Comey let Hillary off scot free -Comey letting FBI Agent in charge of Hillary investigation stay on case even though his wife took 750,000 cash from Hillary associate for political campaign -Entire Obama administration abuses IRS to harass conservative groups and impede every effort for evidence -Comey repeatedly took huge money from associates of Hillary Foundation and then let her off scot free -Susan Rice refusing to testify about revealing classified info -Hillary’s many efforts to obstruct justice on her violation of classified material The list goes on and on. WHERE ARE SESSION’s GRAND JURIES?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Investigate Dem/Russian COLLUSION. Russia played Democrats like a fiddle!!

Russians have Democrats wrapped around their little finger. Explaining the evil Democratic's phony story about Trump Russian collusion to distract us from truth of Obama's worst ever presidency and Trump's great start. now Democrats fabricated the story the day after the election to distract us. Russians wanted Hillary to win, not Trump. They played Democrats like a fiddle!!
 -Democrats colluded with Russians:
a.Hillary's "reset" button with Russia
b. Obama's "I'll be more flexible after 2012 election" with mic he thought off to medvidev ----   -  --c.allowing Russians back into Middle east after we kept them out 70 years .
d. doing nothing to stop them invading Ukraine etc
e. Obama scoffing at Romney's concerns about Russia in 2012 debates etc.
f. Hillary turning over 20% of our uranium to Russia
g. Maxine watters $ Russian ties
h. Bernie Sanders honeymod in moscow. They know he is a sympathizer

f. How Hillary betrayed USA with our uranium
If you want to take a deeper dive on this issue, read the book "Clinton Cash," by Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute. But here are the basics.
A decade ago, a long-time Clinton Foundation donor, Frank Giustra, sold his uranium company to another firm, Uranium One. With that deal, Uranium One now owned uranium mines in the western U.S., including Wyoming, with about 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity, and about ten percent of the actual uranium mined in the U.S.
In 2009, Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear agency, took a 17-percent position in Uranium One. A year later, in the summer of 2010, Rosatom bought majority control of the Uranium One, effectively giving the Russian government-controlled entity proprietary access to one-fifth of the U.S. uranium supply.
Consider this: Russia got its generous foothold in the U.S. uranium market in less time than it takes most 16-year-olds to get a driver’s license.
All of this was taking place after years of what could best be categorized as challenging times in U.S.-Russia relations, as Russia attempted to annex Georgia, intimidated Ukraine and threatened the former-captive nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with short-range nuclear weapons.  In short, Russia was doing nothing that would indicate it was a country unwilling to build and potentially use nuclear weapons; the signs of aggression were everywhere.
Now there is a process that the U.S. government uses to ensure that any business deal that may include significant national security issues is given serious, in-depth and careful review and approval. That review is run through the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CIFIUS), which includes representatives from Homeland Security, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Justice, and State, as well as the U.S. trade representative and director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and National Security Council. In addition, the director of national intelligence also has input to the review.  
CIFIUS and Congressional reviews killed deals like the Rosatom purchase before. In 2006 it helped kill the deal by a Dubai owned company to buy U.S. ports, in part because of the national security risks it presented, and it killed multiple deals with Chinese companies as well in 2009 and 2010. Yet, between the first week of August 2010 and October 22, 2010, the Obama Administration in expedited time approved the sale of crucial national security resources to Russia by rubber stamping the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom. In 2015, Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, noted the expedited time of the deal's approval in a letter to then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, calling it a deal that was "apparently approved in record speed."
According to most law firms that deal in such matters, CIFIUS reviews involving sensitive national security matters can take up to 120 days. The Rosatom deal took fewer than 90 days.  More outrageous:  it appears there were no Congressional oversight hearings.  Even more outrageous – and puzzling – members of the CIFIUS review board were aware of attempts by Russian government efforts to bribe U.S.-based executives in the U.S. uranium industry at the time this deal was being approved. 
This wasn’t simply your typical Clinton back room deal. This was a deal that was reviewed by virtually every senior Obama administration official, many of whom were aware of the Clinton connection, the FBI bribery investigation, and Rosatom’s history.
On October 5th of 2010, Republicans in Congress demanded that the Obama Administration review the Rosatom deal more closely, citing a host of national security issues.  For example, one rationale cited by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for approving the deal was that Rosatom did not have an export license to sell or ship the U.S. uranium overseas.  But as the Congressional letter noted, Russia’s government-controlled nuclear companies had been sanctioned numerous times for breaking uranium import-export deals, particularly to the countries they aid in building nuclear capacity, such as Iran (yes, Rosatom helped build the Iranian Bushere nuclear plant and trained Iranian nuclear scientists).  To paraphrase a pop culture reference Vladamir Putin would appreciate: “An export license?  Russia doesn’t need a stinkin’ export license!”
Consider this:  Russia got its generous foothold in the U.S. uranium market in less time than it takes most 16-year-olds to get a driver’s license. Russia got its deal moved through the Obama Administration faster than it took the Obama Administration Department of Justice’s Anti-Trust Division to approve any of the mergers of two U.S. companies it reviewed.
How is that possible?  Clearly there were motivated folks to get the deal done.  One of those was clearly Hillary Clinton, whose family foundation raked in millions from donors with ties to Russia, as well as the uranium industry.  Some media outlets have pointed out that the total take for the foundation may have been as “little” as $4 million.  But for a cash-starved foundation that can’t even afford to give back $250,000 from serial sex-offender Harvey Weinstein, $4 million is a decent cash reserve. 
But let’s be clear, this wasn’t simply your typical Clinton back room deal.  This was a deal that was reviewed by virtually every senior Obama administration official, many of whom were aware of the Clinton connection, the FBI bribery investigation, and Rosatom’s history.  And let's not forget either: controlling the global supply chain is the very obvious goal of Putin's. To make matters worse, President Barack Obama reviewed the case.
Why would such a deal go through? Sometimes the easiest explanation is the right one: maybe it was nothing more than a payback to Democrat and Clinton donors. When nothing makes sense in Washington D.C., just follow the money. 
While this scandal's original focus was on Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation, it goes far deeper into a Democratic administration than anyone within the party wants to admit. Which is perhaps why President Obama seemed less than excited about pushing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Perhaps in a rare moment of self-recollection and awareness, he realized that eventually the breadth of this story would end up exactly where we are today, with all eyes looking at Obama's appointees, wondering why they sold America’s national security for the uranium-market equivalent of 30 pieces of silver.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Are Democrats stupid, misinformed, or just evil?

Are Democrats stupid, misinformed, or just evil? Democrats after 8 years of Obama =record poverty, doubled all previous debt, worst ever economic pathetic growth over 8 years, collapsing Obamacare sold on lies, all our enemies and adversaries flourished ( Iran, Al Quida, Isis, N Korea, China, Russia), coddled dictators (Cuba, Venezuela, ), gutted our military, used IRS to abuse pro-Israel and conservative groups, corrupted Justice Dept. (Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton), Israel backstabbed repeatedly, race riots, killing of police, massive illegal immigration, one million new Shariah supporting Muslims, record anti-Semitism on college campuses from Obama’s Muslims, record business killing regulations, Total DISASTER. VS GREAT START FOR TRUMP: Stock market skyrockets, surplus in budget, energy surplus, jobs report, Obamacare death bill being discussed in Senate, tax cut proposal sent to congress, massive Obama regulations obliterated,

Friday, May 5, 2017

What can we expect from Abbas? Lying is a mitzvah in Islam.

What can we expect from Abbas? Lying is a mitzvah in Islam. Netanyahu slammed Abbas for claiming that Palestinian children are raised in an atmosphere of peace, when in fact they are taught hate and violence. Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, at a joint press conference Wednesday with US President Donald Trump in Washington, claimed that children raised in the PA-administered areas of Judea and Samaria are taught values of peace.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

AmericanJews siding with todays Nazis more and more

In state after state, temple after temple, what I saw and what I witnessed was a nightmare. You see rabbis, or so-called rabbis, leaders, supposed leaders, standing at a podium and all they can tell to their listeners is that Israel is an apartheid state and that Judaism is racism. That’s what they preach.” Later, he added, “When you see some anti-Jewish thing, if you dig deep and put a magnifying lens to see who’s behind it, over and over and over you find a Jew, and that’s frightening.” Tuvia Tenenbom. A disarmingly friendly Israeli author, Tenenbom went deep into the heart of liberal Jewish America and found a self-hatred and animus towards Israel beyond anything I could ever imagine.


WHY ARE DEMOCRATS CONSTANTLY WORKING TO ENDANGER US? -The catastrophic Obama Iran deal, which 52/54 Dem Senators supported, is financing huge Iran military buildup which they will use to endanger Israel and USA. -Everything Democrats do, from this, to letting in a million shariah loving Muslims, -to gutting our military, -to doing nothing while China, Russia, N. Korea, birthing isis and 65 Islamic terror groups all flourish, -appeasing Russia (Hilary "reset button", Obama "I'll be more flexible after election, doing nothing after invasion of Ukraine, allowing them back in Middle East after 70 years) -to regulating and taxing our economy to strangle it, all weaken us. Obama 8 years = RECORD poverty, RECORD poor economic growth over 8 years, RECORD new regulations, RECORD doubling our debt,

Hey Trump. Palestinians just want Israel destroyed and Jews massacred.

I'm sure Trump has learned to walk away from bad deals before. Trump, there can never be peace with the phony Palestinians. They have no interest in anything other than taking over all Israel. They are terrorists, trying to steal Jewish land. Israel is occupying it's own land. There is no peace partner.

Collapsing Obamacare was built on total lies.Republicans had to save us.

Obamcare nigtmare: we learned today 94/99 Iowa counties will have NO Obamacare option 2018. EVERYTHING Obama and Dems said about Obamacare is a LIE. There is NO CHOICE but get rid of it. Democrats protest across US to save disastrous Obamacare. Democrats trying to keep Americans sick. Republicans want to make America cared for again. Obama on Capital Hill tryin“g to save his catastrophic legacy item, the disastrous Obamacare. How can Democrats not be embarrassed? Obama lied: 1. he said you could keep your doctor. LIE 2. he said you could keep your plan. LIE 3. he said premiums would go down average $2500 per household. LIE. Massive increases 4. He said it would cost US $900 billion. LIE. It cost 2.7 TRILLION. 5. Obamacare architect Gruber admitted they knew they were lying because they thought we were stupid 6. Obamacare encouraged businesses to NOT hire, by making it go into effect at 32 hours per week and 50 employees. 7. They lie continually when they say Republicans have no good alternatives. 8. Doctors fleeing medicine because of…/mass-exodus-u-s-doctors-fleeing-medic…/ 9. Still have 30 million uninsured after all this…/Even-Obamacare-29-Million-P… 10.EVEN Bill Clinton called it "CRAZY" 11. Obamacare killed any competition between insurance companies to reduce costs, driving many out of states.

Obama approves Library design

Obama's were in town yesterday to approve plans for the Obama radical training camp, known as the Presidential Library. He drove right by the area with record murders from his hometown, which he never mentioned once. You can bet you won't see truthful exhibits in the library, such as: In his 8 years -record poverty -doubled all previous debt -Iran deal finances massive terrorist build up -worst economic growth record ever -collapsing Obamacare -gutted our military -race riots -massive surge of danger from Russia, China, N. Korea, Islamic terrorism, all of which he ignored. and so much more You can bet there will no red lines by entrance, but plenty of gender neutral bathrooms and cocaine vending machines.