Sunday, May 15, 2016

Top 19 reasons show Hillary to be most corrupt, dangerous criminal, treasonous person ever to run for president

1.       Obama and Hillary have been the most anti- Israel duo in US history.,

2.       They are both pro radical Islamic jihadists. Militant islam wants her to win.
says we should fight Islamic terror with more “love and Kindness”
refuses to see any connection between islam and 99.9% of terror conducted by Muslims
She is FOR catastrophic Iran deal. Trump says worst deal ever.
3.       She is most corrupt person ever to run for Potus
4.       She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to record poverty. wants to double down on Obama’s catastrophic presidency Obama worst POTUS ever.
5.       She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to doubling our national debt.
6.       She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to strangulation of business and record number of people quit looking for work.
7.       She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to lowest growth of economy for 8 straight years
9.      Her email scandal is treason, our top top secrets hacked by Russia, china, North Korea

10.  Her criminal phony foundation has taken $2 billion, mostly from Islamic jihadi nations, and used 10% on charity vs Trump continuing acts of kindness 5Phony foundation is criminal. Takes $2 billion from mostly from jihadist Islamic states seeking favors while she is Secr and spends on lavish lifestyle

13.   Trump has long history pro- Israel, has top pro -advisors will reduce business strangling regulations, lower corporate taxes, keep out isis terrorist from infiltrating, protect the First amendment threatened by Clinton, keep out illegals,
15.   She wants to destroy the coal industry Stated she wants to put coal and fracking out of business, make us more dependent on foreign oil
16.   She wants no border controls
17.   Her economic plans destroy business, jobs, strangle the economy
21.  Out-of-control anger Is hated by her Secret Service detail for out of control anger issues.
     a. Justified Hamas shooting 10,000 rockets at random targets in Israel.
     b. On whose watch 4 Arab countries fell apart to terrorists.
     c. Began Russian reset appeasing advancing Russia
d.     Began Iran deal negotiations of which she approves. They admit they lied to sell it
23.  Immoral. She laughed about getting child rapist off for technicality as defense attorney.
24. Flip flops so much we have no idea what she actually will do

 vs Billionaire success Trump with GREAT, DETAILED plans
1.    Has made a fortune in business
2.    Employed thousands who love him
3.    Will be a be a GREAT President:
a.    Rebuild Obama gutted military
b.    Oppose and curb Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, Isis etc expansion.
c.    Gut and replace catastrophic Obamacare
d.    Stop Irs, EPA and regulatory abuse
e.    Stop the gazillions of wasted Federal dollars
f.     Stop abuse of our Veterans
g.    Expel tens of thousands of violent illegal migrant felons
h.    Stop the scourge of illegal immigration by securing our borders and building a wall that Mexico will pay for, just as Mexico built wall on its southern border to make immigration orderly again
i.      Defend our allies, especially Israel.
Trump: Israel should keep building in Judea and Samaria!!!!! Vs Hillary who yelled at Bibi for building in Jerusalem!!!
j.      Reduce taxes to grow economy and produce jobs. Larry Kudlow says it is a great plan.
k.    Improve education ruined by the liberals #nevercommoncore
l.      Rebuild our infrastructure
m.   Stop the invasion of a million Muslims Obama allowed in, 25% of whom support violent jihad
n.    Loved by his thousands of employees, including minorities, Hispanics
q.     • Defeat ISIS and radical Islam
r.     • Repeal and replace Obamacare
s.      • End the circle of lobbyists and special interests

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