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UN Its a moral joke. No one can surprised after the 1975 Zionism=Racism resolution. Do the math: 65 Muslim nations, 22 Arab ones, Europe needs Arab oil etc. And despite our desires, its not going away. Remember this from 2009 
(lubavitch.com) In his official speech Thursday at the UN, Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu minced no words decrying the “perversion of truth” and the “perversion of justice” emanating from the UN’s Goldstone report accusing Israel of war crimes during the Gaza strike.
“The UN is undermining its own legitimacy by siding with terrorists over their victims,” he charged.
“Let me tell you something,” said Netanyahu. “In 1984, after I came to the UN as Israel’s Ambassador, I met the Rebbe of Lubavitch. He began speaking to me—he spoke to me for 40 minutes.
“You know what he told me, back in 1984?” Netanyahu asked.
“He told me, ‘you are going to a place of deep darkness and lies, and if you will light one candle of truth, you will dispel the darkness.’
“That is what I tried to do here—to present the truth clearly and with confidence.”

Israeli voters do not trust Obama with Iran
A new survey, conducted last week among a representative sample of 824 Israeli adults who indicated that they were very likely or somewhat likely to vote in the upcoming Knesset elections. The survey found Israeli voters have an increasingly negative perception of Obama, and decreasing faith in him to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.
Asked whether they trust the US president to ensure Iran not get the bomb, an overwhelming 72% do not, compared to 64% in our January 2014 survey.

UN’s steady Israel-bashing reveals true face of a failed system
By Daniel. S. Mariaschin
·Published February 20, 2015
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem office, Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner, Pool)
Hamas launched thousands of rockets at Israel last summer, and hid its weapons in schools, including United Nations-run facilities and other civilian sites.
Yet, in a July 2014 report issued by the U.N. Human Rights Council directly in the wake of the rocket attacks, the agency lambasted Israel, and rehashed every charge seemingly ever made against the Jewish state.
And it is about to do it again in a report due next month.
In last year’s resolution – which ran four single-spaced pages -- Hamas, incredibly, was never cited by name.
That 2014 resolution was the usual U.N. stew, referencing previous anti-Israel measures and new allegations about Israeli “human rights violations.” It came out of yet another special Human Rights Council session unfairly attacking Israel. This, too, would not be unusual for the U.N. since nearly one-third of all special sessions of the Human Rights Council are devoted to the situation in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories.”
The initial resolution was notable for its focus on Gaza, with little regard for the impact of the indiscriminate firing on Israelis. The resolution charges Israel with indiscriminate attacks and grave “human rights violations.” But there is no condemnation for all of the indiscriminate Hamas rocket barrages that ignited the conflict last summer or any note that Israelis have been the targets of indiscriminate Hamas rockets for well more than 10 years.
What about the human rights of Israeli citizens?
This willful and perverse omission of Hamas from the resolution was not only brazen, but also par for the course for the Human Rights Council, which, at a time of global turmoil, particularly in the Middle East and Southwest Asia, still devotes more time and attention to Israel than to human rights crises in such places as Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan and Syria.
What about the human rights of Israeli citizens?
And now we are on the eve of results from yet another U.N.-sponsored “fact-finding” effort about Israel.
Should we expect anything different from the report due next month? Not really.
The council conducted its investigation through an appointed commission and began reaching its conclusions under the leadership of William Schabas, an outspoken and unabashedly biased critic of Israel. Though Schabas stepped down from his position this month once it was revealed that he had been a paid consultant for the Palestine Liberation Organization, his anti-Israel writings were already well-documented public knowledge. Yet he was still chosen to lead this supposedly “independent” panel, despite a chorus of criticism when he was named to the post. His very presence on the committee from the get-go prejudiced the outcome of its findings.
The “evidence” this panel has collected against Israel ought to be discarded and the work of the committee discontinued. There was never even a veneer of neutrality in the decision to convene the investigation in the first place.
Schabas’ appointment to the panel, in fact, reveals the way the United Nations does business when it comes to Israel. He is not the first critic of Israel to lead a U.N. investigatory body. This panel is just more proof of continuing bias. Sadly, it will probably not be the last.
How did the panel come about? In what has become a standard pattern at the United Nations, the Human Rights Council declared that Israel was already guilty a priori of a variety of crimes. Then it formed a new committee and charged it with investigating those crimes. Basically, it reached its conclusion, and then sought evidence to support it.
While the Schabas departure has resulted in a new chair in place, and while the final results could possibly change, that is not likely. Since the commission was formed with a pre-conceived notion, and since Schabas shepherded the lion’s share of the commission’s work, and with expectations high about its harsh criticism of Israel, don’t bet on any surprises.
The oft-used cliché, “we’ve seen this movie before,” is highly applicable here.
Every time a U.N. committee writes a report about Israel or resolutions are adopted criticizing the Jewish state, it further marginalizes the United Nations as a reliable venue for conflict resolution, and proves once again that the world body cannot speak with credibility on these issues.
Soon, the United Nations Human Rights Council will once again turn its attention to the annual “Item 7” on its agenda. That is the basket of anti-Israel resolutions taken up each session that speaks to the heart of this credibility gap. The voting blocs at the U.N. always march in lockstep, blindly castigating Israel. If they were honestly interested in a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they would realize that condemning Israel year after year contributes only to un-meetable Palestinian expectations and justifiable frustration on the part of Israel.
In turn, Israel then sees an organization unfairly obsessed with Israel at the expense of addressing serious fires burning in the Middle East and elsewhere. You would think Israel’s critics would try carrots, but instead they keep applying bigger sticks.

Is the UN Responsible for War Crimes? - Nadav Shragai
The Gaza branch of UNRWA uses school textbooks that teach jihad against Israel and some of its institutions have been taken over de facto by Hamas. The teaching staff has been infiltrated by terrorists and operatives of terrorist groups, and its institutions served as launching sites for rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel. Hamas has been in control of UNRWA's workers' union for many years.
Dozens of activists in the Al-Qassam Brigades started out as activists in Hamas' Islamic Bloc in UNRWA schools, notes Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi. Dr. Arnon Groiss has studied 150 textbooks used in UNRWA schools, and found that these books encouraged violent struggle against Israel. These textbooks also contain expressions of hatred against Jews and Israel, false information that negates the Jewish and Israeli presence in Israel, portrays the Jewish holy sites as Islamic sacred sites that were stolen from Muslims, and ignores Israel's presence almost completely.
According to Halevi, Hamas' partial takeover of UNRWA's institutions should sound the alarm regarding the possibility that funds from donor countries, including the U.S. and Canada, are being used to pay the salaries of Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives. (Israel Hayom)

srael’s envoy lashes out at U.N. General Assembly

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations slammed its members for “their complicity in allowing organizations like Hamas to continue to exist in the Middle East.”
Ron Prosor spoke Wednesday at a special General Assembly session on Gaza.
“This institution was founded to stand for truth, for justice, and for moral clarity. This is no longer the case,” he told the delegates.
“It might be too much to ask you to stand on our side in this battle between civilization and barbarism, but at least have the decency to swallow your selective outrage while Israel wages war against the extremist groups seeking to eradicate the values that we all hold very dear.”
Prosor spoke after the Palestinian Authority’s U.N. ambassador, Riyah Mansour, accused Israel of violating international law during its 29-day operation in Gaza.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the current cease-fire “has come at a price that is almost too much to bear. The massive death and destruction in Gaza have shocked and shamed the world.”
Ban called for a negotiated political settlement between the two sides.
He acknowledged that weapons had been discovered stored in what he called “abandoned” U.N. buildings and that there were reports that Hamas rockets had been fired from near U.N. properties.
“Yet, let me be clear: Mere suspicion of militant activity does not justify jeopardizing the lives and safety of many thousands of innocent civilians,” Ban said.
He added: “International humanitarian law clearly requires protection by all parties of civilians and civilian facilities, including U.N. staff and U.N. premises. Those who violate this sacred trust must be subject to accountability and justice.”
Rosemary DiCarlo, the U.S. deputy permanent representative to the U.N., said the United States was “horrified” by the attacks on U.N. buildings acting as shelters for displaced Palestinians but added: “Let us remember how this conflict started. Hamas launched repeated rocket attacks at Israel. Hamas deliberately, willfully targets civilians. No nation can accept such attacks, and Israel has the same right to self-defense as every other nation.”
The U.S. also called for the disarmament of Hamas and other Gaza terror groups, and on the international community to strengthen the Palestinian Authority in order to rehabilitate Gaza.

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