Monday, May 8, 2017

Are Democrats stupid, misinformed, or just evil?

Are Democrats stupid, misinformed, or just evil? Democrats after 8 years of Obama =record poverty, doubled all previous debt, worst ever economic pathetic growth over 8 years, collapsing Obamacare sold on lies, all our enemies and adversaries flourished ( Iran, Al Quida, Isis, N Korea, China, Russia), coddled dictators (Cuba, Venezuela, ), gutted our military, used IRS to abuse pro-Israel and conservative groups, corrupted Justice Dept. (Loretta Lynch meets with Bill Clinton), Israel backstabbed repeatedly, race riots, killing of police, massive illegal immigration, one million new Shariah supporting Muslims, record anti-Semitism on college campuses from Obama’s Muslims, record business killing regulations, Total DISASTER. VS GREAT START FOR TRUMP: Stock market skyrockets, surplus in budget, energy surplus, jobs report, Obamacare death bill being discussed in Senate, tax cut proposal sent to congress, massive Obama regulations obliterated,

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