Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dems started killing Republicans

Evil Democrats have started shooting Republican congressman. GOP members gets letter "1 down, 216 to go".  FBI says shooter posts regularly anti Trump, and Repub. Bernie backer belonged to many Democratic anti Trump groups.It is not enough that Dems tried to ruin America and now lie non stop to obstruct Trump. From severed Trump heads displayed by their  comics and stabbing Trump in Central Park, calling to blow up the White House, call to rape Melania, calling for military coup,  and call for "resistance" chanted by Hillary. She calls us "irredeemable deplorable".  Her VP candidate Kaine called  for "fighting in streets." Loretta Lynch called for "blood to flow on streets". Obama said "they bring knife to fight, we bring a gun." They call Trump a Nazi.  Now shooting congressman.

Civil war is coming, 100 % Democratic leadership's fault.
8 years of nightmarish Democratic/ Obama rule: record poverty, record poor economic growth over 8 years, doubled all previous debt, gutted military, race riots, killing of police, supporting many evil governments,especially appeasement of Russian expansion. Genocidal Iran deal. Obamacare self destructing.  and now have NO INTEREST in fixing any of this. All they are doing is obstructing Trump with phony, made-up lies. Proven collusion between media and DNC. America wake up.  Democrats are either stupid, misinformed, or evil.

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