Thursday, June 29, 2017

Iran's doomsday countdown of Israel and USA

Iran's doomsday countdown of Israel and USA
Last week, Iranians burned Israeli and American flags and unveiled an “Israel Doomsday Clock” in Tehran’s Palestinian Square during festivities marking al-Quds Day. This is the regime Obama made a deal with, ignoring the Constitutional requirement of a Senate 2/3rds vote for a treaty. This catastrophic deal, which Trump has called the worst deal we ever made, gave the terrorist regime $150 billion plus a green light after a decade to build nuclear bombs +++ many secret side deals which are nightmares. What else did we expect from terrorist loving Obama?
What to do?
1. Keep pressure on Trump to abrogate this non treaty which no one ever signed anyway
2. We will have to confront Iran militarily at some point, better now then later. Force them to destroy all centrifuges. Demand open inspections of all their sites.
3. Get rid of all Senators we can who supported the deal, including 52/54 Democrats. Many of them are up for reelection in red states, including Donally of Indiana. BERNIE SANDERS, whose corrupt wife will go to jail for bank fraud, was one of TWO Senators who voted against more Iran sanctions last week in 98-2 vote.

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