Sunday, August 6, 2017

How Democrat are still killing our soldiers.

How Democrat are still killing our soldiers.
Obama gutted our military so drastically that they need to over extend the fighting aircraft beyond its real lifespan and steal spare parts from other mothballed aircraft. Consequence is this year the non fighting crashed have doubled and more military killed. 3 more marines yesterday. "U.S. military spending has dropped from $691 billion in 2010 to $560 billion in 2015. The cuts came just as the planes were returning from 15 years of war, suffering from overuse and extreme wear and tear. Many highly trained mechanics in the aviation depots left for jobs in the private sector. Quite honestly, it is coming on the backs of our young Marines,” Lt. Col. Matthew “Pablo” Brown, commanding officer of VMFA(AW)-533, a Hornet squadron based at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina. “They can do it, and they are doing it but it is certainly not easy.”
Brown's squadron is due to deploy to the Middle East in the coming days.
Lack of funds has forced the Marines to go outside the normal supply chain to procure desperately needed parts. Cannibalization, or taking parts from one multi-million dollar aircraft to get other multi-million dollar aicraft airborne, has become the norm."

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