Sunday, August 13, 2017

It was DEMOCRAT VS DEMOCRAT in Charlottsville.

It was DEMOCRAT VS DEMOCRAT in Charlottsville.

Alt Left Democrat party wants to link the white supremacists and neo nazis in Charlottesville with the conservative movement by calling them "nationalists" or "alt right". White supremacists have always been Democrats. 100% all slaves owned were by democrats. KKK was always democrats. Democrats always opposed civil rights legislation. Conservatives regularly and consistently repudiate those true haters. Meanwhile, the Democrats NEVER repudiate the fascist, anarchist, Marxist, Islamist consortium of Antifa, BAMN, BLM, MoveOn, Occupy, and muslim brotherhood stealth jihadists such as CAIR, because in reality, they have become the very face and rank and file of today's far Left Democrat party. No one is reporting the violence of the Antifa lunatics wearing helmets and wielding weapons that injured just as many on the other side of crazy.

There is far too much political violence. It is all unacceptable–but 95% is from Democrats!!!!!!!

fascist “antifas” rioting at the inauguration of President Trump, left-wing students and hangers-on rioting and committing assault at places like Berkeley, Middlebury and Claremont, mainstream Democrats like James Hodgkinson trying to assassinate political opponents, murderers inspired by Black Lives Matter killing policemen.

The Charlottesville violence resulted in large part from the fact that the “antifas” showed up, spoiling for a fight. The “antifas” were at least as responsible for the violent clashes as the white supremacists. Both deserve to be repudiated, and fascists who riot and try to shut down other people’s speech are just as reprehensible as racists.
So why are the critics so eager to force the president to single out the white supremacists? Because they want to tie him to the “alt-right.” They want an implicit admission from President Trump that the nuts who marched in Charlottesville and the man who drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters had something to do with him."

Disgusting slander as usual from Democrats.

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