Sunday, April 23, 2017

He tried to get it up and failed to launch! N Korea missile sabotaged?

He tried to get it up and failed to launch!
How we might have caused N Korea missile to fail seconds after lifted off.
the four most likely methods the Americans may have applied to thwart the latest North missile launch:
1. Sabotage of the missile’s fuel, guidance, or communications systems, or of its exterior or the launch pad.
Method: Cutting of cables or fuel lines, changing the flight system’s programming, etc.
Possible perpetrators: Engineers secretly collaborating with the US or those motivated by hatred, jealousy or other factors.
2. Sabotage of the missile’s command and control system, such as changing its flight commands, ignition system, or ordering it to self-destruct, as is done to avoid landing in an unintended location or falling into enemy hands.
Method: Secretly planting instructions in the command and control system, or interfering with the controllers in charge of sending instructions to the missile
Possible perpetrators: mission control staff or military engineers involved in the composition of the command and control programs.
3. Electronic warfare against the command and control systems in the mission control center by sending powerful electromagnetic pulses to disrupt communications with the missile.
Method: US warships, surveillance planes or satellites
Possible perpetrators: US army or navy
4. A cyberattack against the missile’s control system that changes the electronic commands and downs the missile
Method: Planting of malware that enables the attackers to seize control of the computer system without being detected
Possible perpetrators: US intelligence agencies, first and foremost the National Security Agency.   

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