Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hilarious; Bill Maher claims Trump supporters do not care about facts. Truth is Democrats do not care.

 "The facts, ma'm, just the facts"
Hilarious; Bill Maher claims Trump supporters do not care about facts. Truth is Democrats do not care.
We TRIED Democrats ideas on 8 years under Obama. DISASTER!!
Massive Trump achievements so far in draining the swamp. No one knows because 89% media is viciously anti-Trump and simply an extension of the Democratic Party.…/massive-trump-achie…
After 8 years of Obama: : record poverty, record poor economic growth (never once achieved 3% annually), record low labor participation rate, Disastrous Iran deal, no slowing N Korea/China/Russia aggression, massive explosion of Islamic terrorism, record business killing regulations, DOUBLING our DEBT. Democrats, not Republic caused unravelling of economy in 2008, (…/new-study-finds-democrat…/, )
wasted a TRILLION on stimulus that did nothing, race riots, record anti-semitism on college campuses because of Obama importing one million Muslims, stacking federal courts with leftist judges. They focused on nonsense like transgender bathrooms, gun control that went nowhere, worked to wreck economy for phony climate change science.
Democrats KNOW their policies are terrible so all they are about is trying to demonize Trump to stop him from fixing things.
In the first 100 days Trump has cut deficit, saved business $86 billion on deregulation, new Supreme court justice, put N Korea, China, Russia, Iran on notice new sheriff in town. Israel and the rest of our allies are thrilled with the change.
1. No more "climate change is the top priority
2. No more fixation of transgender bathroom
3. No more "99.9% of Muslims want what we want"
4. No more Israel bashing from our government
5. No more record business and growth killing regulations
6. No more micromanaging and gutting military etc.
7. No more doubling our debt.
8. No more appeasing Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia
9. No more BFF to world's worst tyrants
10. No more mistreating our vets
11. No more open borders
12. No more letting UN dictate our national interests

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