Monday, April 17, 2017

Passover and Easter in this political era.

Passover and Easter in this political era. Passover we celebrate LIBERATION and REDEMPTION from the lunatic, dangerous Demand their lies and misplaced priorities. 1. No more "climate change is the top priority 2. No more fixation of transgender bathroom 3. No more "99.9% of Muslims want what we want" 4. No more Israel bashing from our government 5. No more record business and growth killing regulations 6. No more micromanaging and gutting military etc. 7. No more doubling our debt. 8. No more appeasing Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia 9. No more BFF to world's worst tyrants 10. No more mistreating our vets 11. No more open borders 12. No more letting UN dictate our national interests 13. Stop blind eye to Muslim persecution of Christians and Jews all over world 14. Working to fix collapsing Obamacare What has been RESURRECTED? Economic growth. reducing Obama's record poverty,rebuild military, control our borders, reestablish close ties to our allies, etc. HAPPY SPRING

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