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The Case AGAINST Bernie, Hillary, Biden, Christie. Paul, Kasich. FOR Trump, Rubio, Cruz

a. Socialism is evil
The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Churchill
b. He is actually an old fashioned communist.…/bernie-sanders-is-a…
c. HIS LIES…/bernie-and-hillary-…
D. Wanted arms embargo vs Israel in a desperate time.…/bernie-sanders-yom-kippur-war…
E. 10 wackiest ideas…/here-are-bernie-sanders-top-10-w…
F. Wants to unconstitutionally ban all guns…/bernie-sanders-calls-for-totali…/


Hillary supporters must be mentally unstable or stupid and Bernie is a communist

I noticed a driver looking for a parking space. I flagged the driver and pointed out a handicap parking space that was open and available. The driver looked puzzled, rolled down her window and said, "I'm not handicapped!" "Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "I saw your 'I'm Ready for Hillary' bumper sticker and just assumed that you suffer from a mental disorder." She screamed some nasty names at me. Boy! Some people don't appreciate it when you're just trying to help them out!
Hillary is the most evil, corrupt, treasonous, woman abusing person ever to run for President
PLEASE GO SEE 13 HOURS. You’ll understand, if you don’t yet, why she needs to be atrestyed for trwason.

1.    Hillary's campaign is absurd
a. Everything is great under Obama. I want to continue it.
b. Bring loads of unvettable Syrian rapefugees to USA
c. terror has nothing to do with Islam but best way to treat is to lots of love and kindness to terrorists
d. Our greatest enemies are Republicans, gun owners, business owners
e. Vote for me because i am a women, Forget the fact I am the most corrupt, dangerous, unethical, lying, treasonous person to ever run for president.
2.  Hillary’s treasonous activities
a. Benghazi is about hiding treason. See details about our weapons falling into enemy hands.
b.    In violation of law and instructions she had a private server which was hacked by our enemies and it contained over 1000 classified documents, including top super secret info she lies about.
c.    Phony Clinton Foundation used to enrich them for personal purposes, while she traded influence as Secr of State and potential president. Took millions from our enemies, gave huge % of our uranium to Russia in exchange for huge donation to her phony foundation, etc.
3.    Top 10 reasons Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. Pathological liar, Felony email crimes, amoral, out of control anger, stupid statements, war on women, 8o dead associates who crossed her, scandal after scandal, appeases and abets Islamic radical terrorism, long anti-Israel views, world collapsed on her watch as Secr. State, radical economic views (thesis on mentor Alinsky), emotionally unstable, sold out country repeatedly so Bill could get higher speaker fees. Where is the $6 BILLION that disappeared when she was in charge?…/hillary-clinton-is-… see video
4.    10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president
5.    Hillary WAR ON WOMEN Bill assaulted: Bill had thousands of women. Hillary main focus was demonizing them. Linda T ripp says Monica Lewinsky only ALIVE because Linda brought all to light. The issue about referencing Bill is that Hillary LED the attack and destroy campaign on the women Bill raped and assaulted when they complained. At least they weren’t killed as so many of those who crossed the Clintons’ have been.…/264988-bill-clinton-rape-accuser-hilla…Hillary’s war on women
6.    Hillary pathological liar: see video compilation of her LOIES in her words.

said she was named for Sir Hillary? Evaded sniper fire”, did Not tell Benghazi families cause of attack was video? Says no classified material on her illegal private server
7. Long anti-Israel history

Which Joe Biden do you want? plagerizer, creepy Joe?, gaffer, pro iran deal Joe? Idiot Joe? ultra liberal joe? anti israel Joe?


 Rand Paul brags about being only Republican candidate not wanting to increase Defense Spending. After Obama gutted it, and we face huge challenges of emboldened China, Russia, Iran, Isis and 85 other terror groups, and our military is smaller than anytime since Ww2, how can anyone support this view? Our generals say we are unprepared and unable to meet defense needs.

Kasich is endorsed by New York times!


The National Review is devoted this issue to Trump bashing. Mostly questioning if he is a real conservative and he doesn't speak about classic conservative language and ideas.
Did Dole? McCain? Either Bush. Remember this? In the January 26, 1987, issue of Time magazine, in an article entitled "Where Is the Real George Bush?" journalist Robert Ajemian reported that a friend of Bush's had urged him to spend several days at Camp David thinking through his plans for his prospective presidency, to which Bush is said to have responded in exasperation, "Oh, the vision thing." This oft-cited quote became a shorthand for the charge that Bush failed to contemplate or articulate important policy positions in a compelling and coherent manner. The phrase has since become a metonym for any politician's failure to incorporate a greater vision in a campaign, and has often been applied in the media to other politicians or public figures. I'll support ANY Republican candidate over the communist Bernie, the corrupt liar Hillary or the buffoon Biden, but Trump, despite not yet articulating conservative ideology, could be a great president.

He prioritizes: 

1. Will close the borders and deport illegal felons that Obama opened

2. Will slow Muslim immigration which endangers us that Obama did

3. Will destroy Isis that Obama ignored

4. Will improve balance of trade

5. Will cut business killing regulations that Obama instituted

6. Will reform tax system

7. Will support our allies that Obama repudiated

8. Will end Obamacare

9. Will end “sanctuary cities” harboring illegal immigrant felons that Obama encouraged

10. Will rebuild our military Obama gutted

11. Will improve care for our Vets Obama ignored

12. Will stop IRS and EPA abusing citizens Obama did
13. Will reform welfare that led to our record poverty under Obama
14. He won’t be Hillary: corrupt, pathological liar, scandal after scandal, sold out nation for profit, aided Islamic terror, 
If he does this, he will be a GREAT President. 
Obama worst president ever 
Obama is a radical Islamic jihadist

Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. see video 

+ her pro jihad/anti-Israel views

The issue about referencing Bill is that Hillary LED the attack on the assault accusers! 

Hillary pathological liar

Hillary’s war on women

Posted: 20 Jan 2016 07:09 PM PST
(John Hinderaker)
As regular readers know, I have long been a fan of Marco Rubio, the original anti-establishment Tea Party rebel. I don’t claim to be a personal friend, but I have interviewed Rubio quite a few times, have worked with him in various circumstances, and think very highly of him. He was in town yesterday morning for a breakfast fundraiser. Afterward, he was gracious enough to give me a few minutes for a Power Line interview. We talked about the Iran prisoner/hostage exchange and about the extraordinary presidential contest in which Rubio is now engaged. Here it is, easy to listen to at just about three minutes:
In my opinion, Marco Rubio should be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. This is why:
1) Rubio is a solid conservative. If elected, Rubio would be the most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge. He is squarely in the tradition of Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool: foreign policy, the economy and social issues. Of the other Republican contenders, only Ted Cruz might plausibly claim to be more conservative. But Cruz has not been a consistent conservative on foreign policy. On the contrary, early on, he supported Rand Paul’s positions on drones and the National Security Agency. Only when a series of terrorist attacks caused public opinion to shift decisively toward security did Cruz trim his sails.
The knock on Rubio, of course, is immigration. But he has recanted his early support for the Gang of Eight comprehensive reform bill, and his views on immigration are conservative enough to satisfy me. I have taken a hard line on the issue, as regular readers know, and I am comfortable with Rubio’s view of immigration as a national security issue and his determination to enforce the laws, rather than subverting them as Barack Obama has done.
2) Rubio is strongest where it counts. The president–Barack Obama and Donald Trump notwithstanding–does not have plenary authority to dictate policy by issuing executive orders. The one area where the president can wield significant power on the first day of his administration is foreign policy. Marco Rubio is, in my opinion, as knowledgeable about foreign policy as anyone in Washington. I have interviewed him on foreign policy topics numerous times, and the breadth and depth of his knowledge is impressive. He understands not just the obvious hot spots, like the Middle East and Russia; he also has encyclopedic command of issues relating to Asia, including but not limited to China, and Latin America.
Not only is Marco extraordinarily knowledgeable, he is an unabashed advocate for American power and influence. That doesn’t mean war, it means strength, consistency, and fidelity to principle. Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot. Marco Rubio is an heir to that tradition. If you want to restore American influence in the world, Rubio should be your candidate. I can’t think who would even be in second place.
3) Marco will win. I am on record as believing that Hillary Clinton is a horrible candidate who will never be elected president, even if she escapes indictment. But many others disagree with that assessment and consider her a formidable opponent. Let’s not take any chances. Marco Rubio has, I think, the ability, unique in the current crop of Republican candidates, to reach out to the broader electorate and bring new voters into the Republican orbit.
When it comes to economic opportunity, perhaps the key issue in this years election, no one can equal Rubio’s inspiring approach. He makes the virtue of free enterprise real and tangible–something that, one might think, should be easy, but which few politicians achieve. I have seen nothing similar from Chris Christie (whom I also like a lot), Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.
We can all try to guess which candidate will best appeal to unaffiliated young voters. It isn’t a matter of age; Ronald Reagan’s best demographic, after all, was young people. But that was because he refused to accept the conventional wisdom of the moment, silly in retrospect, that America was in decline, and young people should just get used to it. Marco is a lot younger than Reagan was in 1980, but he shares a similarly optimistic message. My experience with my own children and their friends suggests that of the current crop of candidates, Marco is by far the most effective at bringing the conservative message to young voters.
4) Rubio is a good guy. As noted above, I don’t pretend to be a personal friend, but I have spent enough time with Rubio to form a strong impression of his character. In politics, there is a continuum: on one end are those for whom it is all about them and their personal psychodramas. On the other end are those who are in politics because they genuinely want what is best for the country. I think Rubio is about as far on the correct end of that scale as a politician can be.
Beyond that, he is a stable, normal guy. Rubio is almost as knowledgeable about sports as about foreign policy. Fellow Senators tell me that he is well liked and respected in that body, something that can’t be said for all of the Republican contenders. He has a sense of humor and can be self-deprecating. In person, he is unfailingly gracious.
Do these things matter? I think they do. A number of strange, obsessive people have sought the presidency, sometimes successfully. Marco, like Ted Cruz, is very smart. But that is almost incidental. What we most need in a president are judgment and character. My own experience with Rubio, as well as his public record, tells me that he has those qualities.
A final observation: recent years have been very bad for America. It is easy to be pessimistic, even to adopt an apocalyptic view. But who follows a pessimistic leader? No one. Rubio’s vision of America’s future is always positive, always optimistic, always inclusive, never spiteful or divisive. In this, too, he stands in Ronald Reagan’s big shoes. I, for one, would rather cast my lot with Marco Rubio than with any of the other contenders for the presidency. He is our best choice for 2016.

For Cruz

After eight years of Obama that have decimated the Democratic Party, the Dems seem poised to nominate a candidate who’s generally thought of as a corrupt, insincere liar with no significant accomplishments. This gives the Republican Party a real opportunity to put someone in the White House who can reverse the damage of the Obama years and get the country back on track.
As of today, there appear to be five candidates who are in the hunt for the nomination: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.
Out of those candidates, Ted Cruz should be an easy choice for conservatives.
Well, if you want a conservative candidate in the White House, you can’t do better than Ted Cruz. Cruz has a 100% lifetime rating from the ACU, a 97% rating from Conservative Review and a 100% rating from Heritage Action.
Even on immigration, where Donald Trump is dominating the headlines, there isn’t much difference between Trump and Cruz. Cruz says he will build the wall, deport illegal aliens and he opposes birthright citizenship. Since Cruz opposed Rubio’s amnesty and open borders plan, there’s no reason to think he doesn’t mean it. Although it’s true that Cruz has not definitely said what will happen after we do finally secure the borders, it’s worth noting that Trump hasn’t either. That’s a big part of the reason why both Trump AND Cruz get the same A- grades from the gold standard on the issue, Numbers USA.
If you want “another Reagan” in the White House, then Cruz is the closest thing you’re ever going to get.
Additionally, if Ted Cruz is the nominee, for the first time in decades, conservatives would be wildly enthusiastic about their nominee. Moreover, Cruz is a solid debater, he’s not gaffe-prone, he’s likely to pull in Hispanic voters in the mid-to-high thirties because he’d be our first Hispanic President and he’s proven to be the second best fundraiser on the Republican side behind Jeb Bush. Moreover, unlike Bush, Cruz’s donations have been roughly split between high dollar donors and the grassroots.
Furthermore, Cruz may be the only man who could unite the party. Although those in the GOP Establishment have always disliked Cruz, they despise Trump so much that the Overton Window has expanded and Cruz is now likely to be an acceptable alternative to them.  
You also have to look at the other options.
Jeb Bush is an establishment candidate with no charisma, hisfavorable/unfavorable numbers are abysmal (29/55), his last name is a huge disadvantage in a general election and he’s widely despised by many grassroots conservatives.
The other establishment candidate, Marco Rubio, shouldn’t even be running after executing the biggest betrayal of conservatives since George H. W. Bush broke his“Read my lips, no new taxes” pledge. The big issue in the 2012 election wasObamacare and we ran Mitt Romney even though he created the precursor to it. In this election cycle, immigration is the biggest issue; so should we choose a nominee who broke his campaign promises in order to help Obama foist amnesty and open borders on America? Marco Rubio is the Benedict Arnold of illegal immigration and it makes no sense to choose him as our nominee.
Ben Carson may be incredibly likable, but he also wants to get rid of Medicarewhich would probably make him unelectable aside from any other concerns people have about him.
Despite the fact that it’s great to have a candidate who is as charismatic and non-politically correct as Trump, there are a number of indications that he would have trouble winning a general election.
There are a lot of Republicans, including grassroots conservatives, who will never warm up to him, his favorable/unfavorable rating is terrible (37%/55%), he’s incredibly gaffe-prone and perhaps most importantly, there is a huge issue that few people seem to be discussing. Hillary and the Super PACs supporting her are likely to spend somewhere between 3-4 billion dollars on her campaign. On the other hand, one of Trump’s biggest selling points is that he doesn’t want Super PACS or big donors giving him money. Moreover, Trump has spent very little of his own money so far and it seems EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that he would liquidate and spend 3-4 billion dollars of his personal fortune on the campaign. Even if Trump wanted to do it, it literally may not be possible. While Trump may be able to win the nomination on a shoestring by relying on non-stop cable news and talk radio interviews to power his campaign, there is ZERO chance that will work in the general election.
Additionally, it’s great that Trump’s a fighter, but Ted Cruz has been a fighter, too. No member of Congress fought harder to cut spending, defund Planned Parenthood or kill Obamacare. While Republicans like John Boehner and Lindsey Graham were laughing at the idea of trying to stop Obama from running wild, Ted Cruz was demanding that Republicans in Congress fulfill the campaign promises they made. Don’t you want someone who thinks like this as the next president of the United States?
“Part of what’s so problematic with Washington is how many Republicans want a show vote to pretend to their constituents they’re fighting for what they say they’re fighting for, rather than actually fighting for it and actually winning. In both parties, you’ve got entrenched politicians who have barely veiled contempt for the American people. They think their voters are gullible rubes – and you give them a little ‘show vote,’ you tell them, ‘Hey, I’m totally with you,’ then they go to Washington and they don’t actually do what they say.”
You want someone who would build a wall? Cruz would do it. You want someone who would shrink the size of government? Cruz would do it. You want someone who would be guaranteed to pick conservative Supreme Court Justices like Thomas and Scalia? Cruz would do it. In fact, Cruz might be the ONLY candidate left standing who’d be willing to do whatever it takes to repeal and replace Obamacare.
If you want an electable candidate who will help the GOP with Hispanics, kill Obamacare, handle illegal immigration, move the country to the Right and fight for the principles conservatives stand for, you cannot do any better than Ted Cruz.

Jonathan Ginsburg

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