Friday, January 29, 2016

Refuting the Obama lie that he "cut the deficit"

Refuting the Obama lie that he "cut the deficit"
1. deficit is the ANNUAL amount Federal spending exceeds income. 2. Debt total accumulated annual deficits of the federal government from all time not paid back, like your total credit card bill+ mortgage+car loan etc all together.
Obama claims he cut the deficit. He cut is RECORD high, astromical deficits from his first years. The highest annual deficit EVER, before Obama, was under Bush and was under 450 BILLION. Obama year 1 1.4 TRILLION. year 2 2010 1.3 trillion, 2011 1.2 trillion. The Sequester, opposed by Obama, forced spending cuts which reduced Obama deficits but each year Obama spending has been a RECORD deficit compared top every othr US president.
On debt, Obama entered it was 9 TRILLION> Obama will DOUBLE all accumulated US debt from all previous US presidents. Obama said about Bush's deficits it was "unpatriotic". So what does that make Obama's lying monstrous debt and deficits? Now Obama has back loaded spending to the deficits will skyrocket as soon as he leaves office.

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