Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why Al Quida is campaigning for Hillary by posting anti Trump video

Today's installment of How Hillary aids Islamic terror OR Why Al Quida is campaigning for Hillary
In the last Dem. debate, Hillary LIED asserting she had SEEN Isis videos using Trump's anti Muslim statements as recruitment. Trump demanded she produce such a video which, of course she could not. Today Al quida, undoubtedly inspired by Hillary, produced a video using Trump as recruitment. Why would they go to bat for Hillary? Pick from the following
a. 80% Muslims vote Dem
b.she sees the fight vs terror as unrelated to Islam
c. says we need to be fought with "love and kindness".
d. has taken many millions from jihadist nations as bribes for her phony foundation.
e. She supported genocidal Obama iran deal
f. She wants to import 100,000 unvettable syurian refugees, huge % of whom vow allegiance to isis or Al Quida
Of course the terrorist prefer Hillary and are afraid of Trump
this picture has Hillary being advised by her long time companion and top aid Huma, whose family members are Muslim brotherhood terrorists

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