Friday, January 29, 2016

6 critical ways Obama/Hillary/Democrats are destroying the USA and world

6 critical ways Obama/Hillary/Democrats are destroying the USA and world
1.    Hillary wants to continue Obama’s disastrous, catastrophic presidency. 54 illustrations of why it has been the WORST PRESIDENCY ever!  How Obama has severely weakened USA, enhanced our enemies and endangered the free world. NOTE 1
2.    Hillary is the most corrupt, lying, immoral person ever to run for president. Her supporters are either stupid or mentally unstable. Bill always chose someone other than Hillary. Shouldn’t you? NOTE  2
3.   How Obama/Democrats hurt poor, blacks, minorities, women NOTE 3
4.  Democrats FOREIGN AFFAIRS: enhancing terrorism, undermining our allies, strengthening tyrants, ignoring Russia/China advancing, gutting our military, rapprochement with evil tyrants  Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.
a. IRAN APPEASEMENT:  Obama/Clinton/Democratic Iran appeasement deal is genocidal and catastrophic, endangers the world NOTE 4a
b.. ISLAMIC TERRORISM/Syrian RAPEFUGEES: Liberals/Democrats are helping destroy the world by enabling  terrorism, and encouraging RAPEFUGEES come to USA. Just as Hillary enabled Bill's sexual assaults by attacking his victims jihadism, NOTE 4b
c..    UNDERMINIG ISRAEL: As world burns, Obama/Hillary undermines attacks Israel while appeasing Islamic barbarians.  Why Pro Palestine=pro terrorism.   NOTE 4c

1         His failure to intervene left Syria to become what former CIA Director David Petraeus calls “a geopolitical Chernobyl,” spreading chaos throughout the Middle East. It nurtured Islamic State, which has swamped Europe with refugees and is inspiring jihadists in the U.S. On Obama’s watch: The disintegration, growth of terrorism and massive deaths in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen. Taliban control most territory in Afghanistan since 2001. Rise of Isis by creating vacuum in Iraq. Al Quida growing in power. Just pretend fighting vs Isis. Obama calls Isis JV, contained even as they grow to 20 countries and top intelligence say we have never seen anything like this. The most serious long-term threat has been the rise of authoritarian powers on Mr. Obama’s watch: Iran, Russia, China. Iran gets $150 billion to finance terror, while they test ICBMs and show off underground missiles. Obama praises them even though they are world’s greatest terrorist nation.
      Russians return as power brokers in Middle East. China expanding.  All our allies feeling betrayed. 
This twisted man sees the enemies are Tea party, Fox News, Republicans and embraces Iran, Cuba, Chavez etc. No control on our southern border. Massive influx illegal immigrants, including terrorists.
Homegrown terror in USA.  Mass shootings up 10x.  Murder rates spike in many cities as police are cowed by “Blacklivesmatter” groups. Record poverty.  Doubling all previous DEBT. Massive spike in food stamps. Releases 10s of thousands of illegal alien felons from jail instead of deporting them, over 100 murderers after they were released. 
     More businesses fail than start. Record poor recovery from recession. Massive spike in those who quit looking for jobs. Middle class lost wealth. “For eight years, Barack Obama has imposed failing economic policies on the country, even as he has brilliantly exploited the results for political gain. Democrats produced stagnating wages, rising prices, economic insecurity and failed antipoverty programs—and then somehow blamed the resulting inequality and fear and destitution on conservatives.”  Massive spike in business killing regulations. Obamacare costs triple. 50% college grads cannot get full time jobs. Most new jobs are part time or low paying.  Military gutted, smallest Navy and Air Force since WW2 in a very dangerous world.  Economic mobility collapses. Gap widens under Democrats favoring the rich. IRS, EPA, Justice Department all used for political harassment of Obama foes. Obama handcuffs FBI in investigating Islamic terror.  Uses executive actions to subvert Congress and the Constitution. 
      Releases top terrorists at gitmo out in world to go back to terror vs USA.  Standard of Living declined more steeply since government starting keeping records. Home ownership at lowest level. Foreclosures worse than any time in America. Race relations lowest level in 20 years. It is on purpose 
War on blacks Faith in government all time low. Betrayed Israel at every chance.Wants to import 100,000 syrian “rapefugees” despite them being unvettable (according to FBI, 80% being male and 20% admit Isis allegiance
Obssesessed with gun control even though his home city has toughest gun control laws and record gang shootings. He causes huge uncivility by continuing to disparage opponents. “More than any recent President, he has turned the bully pulpit into a battering ram to smash his opponents. He denounced the Supreme Court in the 2010 State of the Union. He all but called Paul Ryan’s 2011 budget un-American. He played the race card to win re-election in 2012. He doesn’t argue with Republicans; he demeans them” WSJ 1/13/16. Treason at Benghazi gun running and Furious scandal giving guns to Mexican drug lords to spike murders here to increase calls for gun control. US border cop killed by those guns.. Growth rate of economy paltry 2% annually under Obama. Historic average 3% WSJournal 1/14/16. Gitmo detainee, who said he would kill Americans if he was released, has just been freed..US more divided than ever since the 60s. Does nothing as world’s oldest Christian communities are wiped out by Muslims. First time big drop in international ranking of economic freedom.
     Total failure to fix VA scandalous treatment of our veterans. Total failure to enforce gun control laws we have and thren unconstitutionally overreach with new executive actions. Exacerbates racial tension, leading to police being vilified, with resultant hike in murders in cities. How many people has Obama had murdered?
Destroying private coal industry and now stopped all Federal coal leases. Roughly 40 percent of the coal produced in the United States comes from federal lands. Obama wants to weaken USA through massive criminal and Islamic immigration

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