Monday, January 11, 2016

Democrats Are ISLAMIST TERRORIST ENABLERS, which endangers us all.


Democrats/world’s liberals ENABLE Islamic terrorism in many ways, endangering the whole world, just as Hillary enabled Bill's sexual assaults by attacking the female victims,
1.    Falsely claiming ISLAMIC terrorism has 0 to do with Islam 
2. Falsely claiming 99.9% Muslims want what we want when 25% USA Muslims support violent jihad and 51% want shariah to replace the Constitution
3. Falsely claiming the solution to it is a. more love (Hillary) b. gun control ( Obama) . c climate change (Biden)
4. Falsely claiming we can vet Syrian refugees (FBI says we cannot
5. Falsely claiming most Syrian refugees are woman and children (80% military age men) 
6. Telling the rape and assault victims it is their fault for dressing wrong
7. Ignoring destruction of world's oldest Christian communities
8. Falsely claiming police shootings =Islamic terrorism
9. Failing to identify it as Islamic (Obama never does)…/democrats-are-islam…
10. Giving world's worst terrorist nation Iran $150 billion to finace more terror
11. Lying about Isis threat (JV, contained, guys with pick-ups)
12. Lying about Al-Qaida threat (Benghazi was because of video)
13. Both Obama and Hillary’s top aids are Muslims with radical ties (Valarie Jarett and Huma. Obama is born of a Muslim father, educated in Muslim schools and his Christian pastor, the Marxist Rev. Wright, said his conversion to Christianity was pretend.
14. Giving $150 billion to world’s worst terrorist regime, despite them chanting “death to America, death to Israel” and letting them self-inspect.

How the West (Western civilization) is being lost
World’s top Islam scholar, Bernard Lewis, says we are in a “civilizational struggle”. Liberals ignore the truth.
Liberals/Democrats Are ISLAMIST TERRORIST ENABLERS, which endangers us all. Liberals in Europe turning a blind eye already.
Now our liberals are PRETENDING Islam poses no danger. Philly mayor says Philly cop shooter, who said he did it in name of Islam “had nothing to do with Islam. Hillary and Hussein Obama say that regularly. Bernie says Islamic terrorism is caused by climate change. Hillary says way to fight it is with love and kindness. This awaits our daughters if we keep letting jihadists in
 Why is Obama this way? Obama is a jihadist. Hundreds of examples.
Democrats tend to support Palestinian narrative even though they are the same kind of terrorists as are the 86 other Islamic terror groups.

Obama lies regularly saying 99.9% of Muslims “want what we want”. These are lies. Obama has quietly imported 680,000 Muslims already.  Polls show 25% US Muslims admit to supporting violent jihad and 51% want to subvert Constitution with shariah, which is sedition.
They say we can vet Syrian refugees and most are women and children when FBI says we CANNOT vet them and 80% are men of military age, and 13-20% Syrian refugees admit to supporting Isis. Hillary wants to bring in 100,000 unvettable (according to FBI) Syrian RAPEFUGEES, 80% of whom are military age men, despite them raping their way through Europe (Sweden is 5% yet Muslims account for 70% rapes there now.) Japan, Slovakia, and 65 Muslim contrived REFUSE to take any. What do they know that Hillary does not
They accuse us of Islamophobia. A phobia, by definition, is irrational. It is totally rational to fear Muslims, based on reality. Meanwhile Jews in USA experience 4x the hate crimes than Muslims. 

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