Sunday, July 30, 2017

Following WORST POTUS ever, Trump will go down empirically as one of the great presidents if he continues this success so far,

Following the huge hole the worst President ever, Barak Obama, put us in, Trump is making great progress, despite every obstruction thrown at him by deranged Democrats and media.  Just how terrible was Obama?
Trump Making America great again

All the Democrats have to say, after nearly wrecking USA, is the phony Russian story, and preoccupation with transgender folks. Nothing to say about their horrible polcies nearly wrecking us and the world.

1. BOOM times in manufacturing
2. Food stamp use way down. Obama years set record usage.
3. Illegal entry way down by 70%.
4. DNC is broke
5. Stock market breaks record after record
6. US trade deficit narrowed to $43.6 billion in June
7. The U.S. economy added 209,000 jobs in July and the unemployment rate dipped to 4.3 percent, according to a government report Friday. Record 153,513,000 Employed in July; 62.9% Labor Force Participation. U.S. has added a million jobs in Trump's first six months
8. Growth 2.6% even without tax reform. Obama's years were WORST EVER economic growth over 8 years. The final nail in the coffin of
President Obama's economic reign. Not only is the average annual growth rate of just 1.48% during Obama's business cycle the weakest of any expansion since at least 1949, he has just become the only President to have not had even one year of 3% GDP growth.  An average annual GDP growth of 1.48% during Obama's two terms.  Trump’s economy, even before tax cuts, because of his ending business killing Democrat regulations, was already 2.6% last quarter.
9.      Isis basically destroyed after Obama let
10. Police & military, finally feel POTUS has their back.
11.      Our closest ally Israel again feels US
support after anti-Semite Obama left office.
7.      12. Ahead: tax cuts, build wall, rebuild military, deport violent felons, stymie N Korea, Iran China, Russia etc aggressive anti-American moves.
8.      ++ dozens of other great accomplishments ignored by press.

Only media and deranged Democrats care about West Wing rumors and Trump tweets.

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