Friday, July 21, 2017

The Rabbi’s DIET

The Rabbi’s DIET
My brother-in-law the doctor told me “you don’t see fat 90 year olds walking around. They are underground.” Ouch.
I asked my Doc at the annual physical for a diet that works with his patients. He said 1. Very low carbs 2. Aim for 2 pounds per week 3. Exercise every day 4. Cheat once a week 5. Do not drink calories
8 weeks=17 pounds. On target so far. Goal 100 pounds (about the size of my lady.

The diet:
1.   Bread only for Shabbat. Challah. In other words, say the hamotzi blessing only on Shabbat.
2.   Baked goods: Say blessing mizonote only on Shabbat  
3.   VEGYS: Say blessing borei pre hadamah on vegys as often as you want, but no starchy vegys  and no night shade vegys (so no potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, eggplant) but loads of cucumbers, celery, greens, onions, broccoli, cauliflower,
4.   Limit fruit (heavy on carbs). Berries are best.
5.   Lots of fish, chicken, limited beef: bracha “shehakol”
6.   Fats are good. Especially extra virgin olive oil.
7.   Toughest temptation: Shabbat Kiddush cholent loaded with potatoes and barley.

Aim for 100-150 calories: mine are gefilta fish or herring, cuks, or muscle milk 20 grams protein.

Lunch: ME:  Sauté huge amount mixed greens, onions, 1.5 ounces lox (salmon), 3 eggs, garlic powder and Trader Joe’s 21 season mix, hot sauce
Snack: celery, cuks, pickles, salsa, blueberries, 85% dark chocolate (small amount)
Dinner: Salmon, chicken, beef with sauted vegys and culi or broccli

I'm in the pool just about daily for 45 minutes plus some weight lifting

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