Thursday, July 20, 2017

The INSANITY of SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE advocated by Demented Democrats


Democrats trying to destroy the private health insurance industry through Obamacare, now say "since it isn't working with private health insurance, we need a total government takeover through SINGLE PAYER (+socialized) medicine. Some government bureaucrat, not your doctor, will decide when you should be denied life saving medicine.
Next nightmare step for increasing government control over our lives Democrats want to take is expanding the utter failure of VA medical care and inflict it on all of us. “Single payer” means total government control of health care. It is absurd and only an idiot would support it.
1. DO YOU DENY the VA medical system is single payer for veterans and it has been a disaster? Why would you want to inflict that derangement to all Americans?
2. Obamacare was a step to it and is self-destructing before our eyes?. Why do you think it a good idea to extend that into total government control? Obamacare disaster and Democratic culpability
3. Would you prefer government made and sold your iphone? Computer? Car? Why do you think having them,, and not private enterprise, determine our medical care is a good idea? Returning medical services to private sector will drive down prices and drive up quality as it does in competition with phones, computers, cars, etc.
Do you really want some government bureaucrat deciding what medical services you are entitled too?
With Canada with single payer system, Canadians who can afford it , come to US for treatment

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