Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Greatest danger to world peace and prosperity is the American Democratic Party.

The Greatest danger to world peace and prosperity is the American Democratic Party.
In a wonderful world without Democrats, our economy would be booming, our enemies defeated, only the truly needy would be on handouts,
A strong and determined USA is essential for world peace and prosperity. Our economic growth, strong military, and realization of the real enemies we face is critical and the Democrats do everything they can to weaken and undermine us in everything they do.
1. 8 years of Obama left us with record POVERTY, all our previous debt DOUBLED, WORST EVER economic growth over 8 years, gutted military, and all our enemies enhanced
2. They lionize murderer Ted Kennedy, Rapist Bill Clinton, Thief Hillary who stole hundreds millions Haitain relief $, Lying Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, Socialist Bernie despite socialist Venezuela starving and his wife going to jail for bank fraud, creepy Joe Biden, Maxine Waters (named most corrupt member of Congress) and worst Potus ever Barak Obama already.
3. Massive Trump achievements so far, even with media 98% against him and evil Democrats obstructing every fix of Obama disaster. and they just lie lie lie about him
4. They want you and me to give them free free free with no regard to how it will be paid for. Obama DOUBLED all previous debt from the prior 43 presidents and they think he’s great.
5. They oppose Voter ID even tough every facet of their life required ID because they need people to cheat to vote for them to have a chance to win.
6. The harbor illegal, violent felon aliens who commit many violent crimes, in illegal sanctuary cities, daring the government to oppose them
7.  APPEASE TERRORISM They want to bring in unlimited Muslims, despite seeing how this is destroying Europe, despite ISIS BRAGGING about sending fighters with refugees
8. FASCISTS adopting NAZI tactics: : They oppose the democratically elected president in every way they can, advocating and using violence now to hurt Republicans, shout down free speech, limit free assembly.…/democrats-inciting-…
9. They want NO restrictions at all on murdering fetuses, even after they are born in a botched abortion. Obama voted 3x to allow this as a State legislator in Illinois.
10. They support us having the world’s highest corporate tax rate of developed nations, despite the competitive disadvantage it puts us in.
11. They applauded Obama gutting our military and belittling the Russia threat in Romney debate, ignoring Isis danger, doing nothing to stop China from expanding and helping the world’s leading terrorist nation Iran and did nothing to counter N Korea military threat..
12. They supported Obama’s economic policies that produced RECORD WORST EVER economic growth over 8 years.
13. They supported Obama’s cozy ties to many tinhorn thug dictators who abuse people rights everywhere including Castro, Chavez, Mullahs of Iran,
14. They want to deny religious rights to Christians by forcing them to insure contraception even if religiously opposed, or baking wedding cake for gay couple
15. Democrats were racists from the beginning. The Confederacy was Democrat. Klu Klux Klan Democrats. Opposed all civil rights legislation Democrats. Republican Lincoln freed the slaves. Democrats overwhelmingly run our big cities, concentrating blacks there is poor, crime ridden neighborhoods and getting them addicted on welfare which has destroyed the black family. Blacks did worse in every category under Obama!!!! Racist, sexist Democrats only seem to care about your sexual identity or race, not about values, not about growing the economy to help you up. Conservatives do not care about race or sex, only values and beliefs.
16. Increasingly anti –semitic, they boo Jerusalem and God at their convention
17. Now after disastorous Obamacare is failing, the want the government to control all of health care, which they call single-payer, even though that is what our VETS get in VA medical care and all acknowledge it is horrific. Idiots.
18. After millions most likely VOTED ILLEGALLY for Hillary, Democrats now deny any help with our investigation to control illegal voting.
19. Adopting NAZI tactics of collusion between Democrats and MEDIA becoming propaganda arm of Democrats just like Hitlers Goebbels Propaganda ministry.
20. Quiz. What was named the MOST ANTI-SEMITIC ACT in the world in 2016 by Simon Wiesenthal Nazi hunting organization? Hint. Always check democrats first.
21. democrats help tyrants oppress their own people. Financed courtesy of Obama and the Democratic Senators that supported his $150 billion gift to this terrorist state.

22. Racist Democrats. Poor blacks and Hispanics stuck in failing public schools. Republicans want school choice for them in the form of vouchers so they can have similar opportunity as to rich kids for education, but racist Democrats are determined to keep them chained to failing inner city schools. It's another form of forced segregation from the historically racist Democratic party. See WSJournal editorial in it Mon.

Hilarious. Dems plan to rebrand selves as better on economics. Really: last 8 years doubled all previous debt, record worst ever low economic growth over 8 years because of record excessive Obama regulation and world's highest corporate taxes plus job killing Obama Care. But don't let facts get in the way.

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