Thursday, May 10, 2018

Obama vs Trump on Israel

Obama vs Trump on Israel
1. spent millions in Israel to try and defeat Bibi. Failed
2. Called Bibi "chickensh.t".
3. Demanded Israel go back to "Auschwitz Lines" of 1947. Failed
4. Most anti-Semitic Act in the world in 2016 (according to Wiesenthal nazi hunting Organization) with his out-the-door abstention which labelled much of Jerusalem "illegally occupied"

5. State Dept called Judea and Samaria "occupied"
6. Failed to deliver on promise to recognize Jerusalem as capital
7. Told Iran US would defend Iran if Israel attacked!

8. Created genocidal Iran deal which never got ratified by Senate and iran never signed (…/State-Department-says-Iran-NEV…

9. gave hundreds of millions to Palestinians which they used to fund murderers of Jews

Trump so far on Israel;
1. Nixed Obama's catastrophic Iran deal. Warns Iran against resumption of program.
2. Recognizing Jerusalem
3. Reversing State Dept. claiming Judea and Samaria are occupied
4. Got Taylor Force ACT, denying use of our tax dollars for Palestinians to fund murderers of Jews
5. Told Israel US has their back

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