Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tens of thousands of paid protestors try and violently breach border of Gaza, burn Israeli fields, and kill Jews

Tens of thousands of paid protestors try and violently breach border of Gaza, burn Israeli fields, and kill Jews.. They cynically bring babies to the riots, hoping they'll get killed in the mayhem they cause, so they can earn $3000 per dead and garner "support".
Virtually every death is of a known TERRORIST Of Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Thank God for Trump and his team which laid the blame 100% where it should be. Israel wants to live on peace with its neighbors. Hamas is open about its desires to destroy Israel and kill every Jew.
The morally bankrupt left, predictably blaming Israel, is dually fueled by its hatred of Trump and Israel.
The narrative of the pro terrorists/condemning Israel voices is that Gazans want THEIR land back, meaning all of Israel, and that Jews are keeping them locked in and denying them what is theirs. All a lie.
1. Virtually none of them had land inside Israel. Overwhelmingly their grandparents came to the area from Arabia (Arabs are from Arabia) for economic reasons when the Jews made it fertile. The land has always been Jewish. Before the Romans named it Palestina 2000 years ago, it was Judea (Jews). The Palestinians there were Jewish, not Muslims. Jews lived there for 4000 years. 
2. Israel totally left Gaza years ago, in what could be a been the Mediterranean oasis, had not the Hamas monsters turned it into a hell hole, whose only purpose is to terrorize their citizens and launch killing efforts upon Jews in Israel. There is a secure border there because the Arabs CHOOSE to not live in peace, but wage constant war on the Jews. 

3. From the Pope, to the EU, to the NYTimes, they, out of ignorance or just old fashioned anti-Semitism, buy and propagate the Hamas LIES.

They do this to hide the brutal rule of their own citizens, (including FORCING citizens to the protest and using them as human shields),and the appalling conditions they foster (burn an Israel's pipeline that brings energy to them etc)
Hamas brags that virtually every death is of a known TERRORIST belonging to Hamas or Islamic Jihad
Hamas will tell anyone who'll listen that its dream is to destroy Israel and eradicate every Jew, They'll scream this from the top of their lungs but the morally bankrupt Liberal media finds it difficult to hear because they don't appear to be tuned into that particular frequency.
It doesn't matter what the truth is, the Lib media is only willing to blame Trump and Israel for what is happening at the Gaza border fence. It is completely nonsensical. The Lib media wants to blame only Trump and Israel for the death of babies, they are artists when it comes to propaganda. Their sacrifice is small. They see life a cheap. As a bargaining chip for them them.
It is insane to think Israel has found a partner in peace here. The only thing the Palestinian want, the only thing the Palestinians will accept is all of Israel. The sad fact is that Israel can not get the Left or the Lib media to see or believe this. The Lib media is only to happy to portray Trump and Israel as the bad guys. as the ones looking to murder Palestinian babies, The Lib media doesn't care, as long as Trump gets part or all of the blame, that's all that matters to them


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