Sunday, May 13, 2018

Phony controversy about Jerusalem

The claim? Trump's Jerusalem is "controversial". Why? They claim holy city is at the explosive core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is claimed by both sides as a capital.
Reality? Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jews since King David made it so in 995 BCE, 3023 years ago. Jews have prayed towards Jerusalem for thousands of years. It is mentioned 700x in our Bible. Palestinians have been around for 15 minutes. Their museum has 0 exhibits. 90% of them are descendants of carpetbaggers from other areas who came because the Jews made it prosper. "Palestinians Arab is a made up term by the Arabs to the area because the Jews made it prosper. undermine Israel. Arabs are from ARABIA. Jews are from Judea, the name of Israel before Rome changed it 2000 years ago to Palestinia.

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