Saturday, May 12, 2018

Trump is not making Obama look incompetent. Obama's Iran deal was not made out of incompetency. It is a competition between 2 world views.

Trump is not making Obama look incompetent. Obama's Iran deal was not made out of incompetency. It is a competition between 2 world views.

Obama wanted to shift the US world view FROM  supporting Israel and seeing our Muslim and Arab allies as Saudis, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan  TO supporting Iran and its proxies: Hezbollah, Syria-Assad, Hamas  as well as the terror group Moslem Brotherhood. That is why he pretended to fight Isis for 8 years, wanted to install a Moslem Brotherhood leader in Egypt (but failed) and was desperate to work out a deal with Iran giving them the ability to work on nuclear weapons and ICBMs but pretending not to. He gave them 24 day notice of inspection, never asked them to sign deal, bypassed our Congress and allowed them to nix any inspection request of any site they deemed  "military. That is why he promised US would defend IRAN from an  Israeli attack, and did everything he could to hurt Israel It is also material that the Jimmy Carter organization is funding Hamas terror activities.Obama sent secret emissaries to the Mullahs even before he was president, telling them to not deal with Bush, but wait for him. That is why he made he made a " red line" in Syria and never did anything about it, and did nothing as Russia reentered Middle East after we kept them out for 70 years, and they then propped up Assad, an Iranian lackey. Obama's strategic goal was a new Middle East, where Iran, Moslem Brotherhood and Isis would be the dominant powers.

Trump's world view is seeing Iran for what it is, the primary force for terror in the world. He strengthened/created  the coalition of Israel/Saudis/UAE, Bahrain/Egypt/Jordan and after bombing Syria 2x, telling the world he has Israel's back after it destroyed 50 Iranian bases in Syria, and letting his generals defeat Isis' territorial hold in a month, while nixing the Iran deal. He moves our embassy to Jerusalem and ignores the tears of Abbas, and weakening Russia's hand.

What is evil Iran up to? They send 20 missiles, most of which fell into Syrian territory and as a result, Israel destroyed ‘nearly all’ Iranian military sites in Syria. What is next?  Iran leadership is evil incarnate. The Nazis tried to hide their genocidal goals to kill all Jews. Iran and their proxy Hamas brag about their genocidal goal.. Any company or nation that does business with this evil entity is aiding and abetting evil. "Business is business" does not cut it. No sympathy for any company or nation that does business with evil. Bible says God loves those who hate evil. It is the good's responsibility to destroy the evil. Did we not learn from the effort to appease Hitler?

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