Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 stories yesterday showing the traitorous total anti American Obama foreign policy: 6 Arabs nations vs Iran proxy,Obama refuses Nato, Obama trades 5 terrorists for deserter

3 stories yesterday showing the traitorous total anti American obama foreign policy just as Obama is about to conclude catastrophic nuclear bomb giveaway to Iran

3 stories yesterday showing the traitorous total anti American Obama foreign policy: 6 Arabs nations vs Iran proxy,Obama refuses NATO, Obama trades 5 terrorists for deserter.

1. Analysis of the 6 nation Arab coalition battling Yemen rebels and Obama's traitorous support for Iran. Obama lost Yemen to Iranian backed rebels, losing our strategic air base, our top secret intelligence files, over $500 million in advanced military equipment--to Iranian backed enemies of the US.  This gives Iran effective control of the gulf of Aden. Obama has one foreign policy debacle after another on his hands.  This is an extremely serious situation.  With Iran Proxies on the march throughout the Middle East, he is acquiescing point after point to Iran in a fool's nuclear deal. The U.S. has once again messed up big time - this time in Yemen, where it underestimated the military might of the Houthis, who are backed by Iran and Sunni tribes loyal to the old regime. The Americans also understand the strategic significance of the capture of the Bab-el-Mandeb strait by a Shiite tribe loyal to Iran, which now controls the entrance to the Red Sea from the Indian Ocean
Tonight we learned a 6 Arab nation coalition, led by 150,000 Saudi troops and 100+ aircraft engaged the Houthi  rebels that have overtaken Yemen. Also there are Isis and Al Quida.  
These  nations fear Iran and also realize that USA (Obama) has abandoned them to realign with the worst terrorist nation in the world, (A) Iran. Times Of Israel today says 
As US lets Yemen fall, Israeli ire pales next to Arab fury
Jerusalem is worried by the Iran-backed Houthi takeover of Aden, but Saudi Arabia is burning with anger, and not at Tehran
Obama has said all along he thinks Iran can be a very good regional power (B) That scares these nations to death since they know how terrible Iran is, even for their standards (C)  Iran already controls 5 Arab capitals including in the former sovereign nations of Lebanon (Hezbollah) , Syria (Assad) , Iraq, Libya, Yemen and of course Iran and these nations realize Obama is desperate to do a deal that will guarantee Iran nuclear weapons (D). They know of Valarie Jarett's pro Iran beliefs and her hold on Obama. (E) They know now that in 2008 Obama sent secret envoys telling the mullahs he'd help them once in office. (F) and that he wants us to believe Iran  are no longer terrorists (G) These nations are reacting by trying to buy nuclear weapons themselves now and decided to fight their own battles since the USA (Obama) is now aligned with the terrorist  state Iran. They know of Obama's many lies regarding Iran and the nuclear negotiations. (H) Supposedly US gave coalition some help in identifying sites to hit. Obama does the dance very well. Just a year ago obama proclaimed Yemen, which sits on Saudis border, a shining example of his foreign policy success, then immediately let's it disintegrate into Iranian backed rebel control. (I) That had huge losses for us. 
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2. A year ago Obama traded 5 top Taliban terrorists for a traitor/deserter who cost US lives. Obama celebrated that exchange and Susan Rice lied again talking about Bergdahl's honorable service. All to speed the emptying of Gitmo.

3. Russia, NATO and Obama Obama refused request by NATO head to meet, said he was too busy.

Obama was caught 2012 telling Russian Prez on mic he thought was off that "he'd be more flexible after the election." Obama wants America to be just another country, much weaker on the world stage. More details read

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