Tuesday, March 24, 2015

David Horowitz: can we survive Obama?

Can America survive the last two years of Barack Obama's presidency? 

Can we repair our world as quickly as he and his gang of leftists are destroying it? 

The damage this administration has done to our country—at home and abroad—is almost incalculable. 

And it continues every day with actions such as opening our borders to a flood of illegal aliens that mock the Constitution, inflaming race passions that set one part of our society against another, and rushing to an appeasement of Iran's mullahs that will result in the first Jihadi Bomb and jeopardize Israel's future and our own. 

The people of this country spoke loudly when they stepped into the ballot booth last November. But the President didn't hear because he wasn't listening. 

Instead, he is doubling down in his assault on our nation's security, traditions, and social institutions. So little time, Obama appears to be thinking as his term in office expires, and so much "change" still to inflict upon America. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I believe that Barack Obama is the first and only president we've ever had who doesn't love our country. 

If he loved America, he wouldn't have saddled us with an Affordable Care Act whose chief architect has admitted with breathtaking cynicism was based on what the administration regards as the "stupidity" of the American people. 

He wouldn't have turned the IRS loose on conservative groups in the worst such abuse since Watergate and tried to destroy their free speech rights. 

He wouldn't have allowed Eric Holder to incriminate law enforcement in Ferguson in an act of racial arsonism that led directly to the ambush of two policemen there. 

If he loved America, Obama wouldn't have enabled the rise of ISIS, turned a blind eye to the neo-fascist aggression of Vladimir Putin, be weakening our military in a time when our national security is imperiled (largely as a result of his own policies), and tried repeatedly to pull the rug out from under our most dependable ally, Israel, as it confronts an existential threat to its future. 

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