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Jews or any American: How can you still be Democrats? Helping Iran genocidal plan, hurt the poor/middle classblacks, are anti israel

Jews, any American: How can you still be Democrats?


Richard Baehr "The president and his aides hammer Bibi Netanyahu every day, and every chance they get. The threats on what they might do to Israel keep coming. And then there are Republicans who seem proud of supporting Israel, and want the US to remain its closest and trusted ally. Take your pick. Any "Obama loves Israel”  proponents still out there? Anyone want to apologize for denigrating the columns by Ed Lasky in 2007 and 2008 that discovered all the connections between Obama and the Israel haters in Chicago and elsewhere- Ali Abunimah, Rashid  Khalidi, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright,  Edward Said, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Robert Malley, and others?  All the evidence one needed to understand that Obama was going to be aggressive and ugly towards Israel once he no longer needed Jews' money or votes, were out there in plain sight. The Obama  defenders argued that Obama voted for foreign aid and he had Jewish friends , so he must be pro-Israel. Sorry, that test was insufficient then and is today."

Don't make the same mistake with radical/anti Israel Hillary

And the there is the shameless Jan Schakowsky now leading the charge for the pro-mullah National Iranian American Council (NIAC):  

A new Holocaust, killing 7 million Jews in Israel, is a real possibility. This Democratic President is desperate to make a deal GUARANTEEING IRAN the easy capability of make nuclear weapons. They have ICBMS now. They say that they foremost want to fly the Islamic flag over the White House.  And Obama has recently drastically stepped up his long anti Israel record, betraying all our allies and enabling our enemies. 

Can't you see Obama painting Israel as the enemy is meant to distract us from his genocidal Iran deal?

 Since getting elected 5 1/2 years ago, Obama has been on a campaign undermining Israel, while being rude and at times seemingly dictatorial toward Israel's Prime Minister.  Without a lengthy oratory of examples,  since getting elected  Obama has repeatedly taken numerous diplomatic positions and taken actions that could only be rationalized as intended to hurt Israel.  At the same time, he has displayed immense support, condolences, and sympathies to the PA, Hamas, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  VP Cheney's recent "kid-glove" evaluation of Obama's performance in general  was most accurate.  Nothing is more to blame for the chaotic dangers the world faces from the chaos in the Middle East than Obama's lack of leadership, and his inept or possibly even sinister decisions.  Unfortunately, his unconscionable and unprecedented lack of respect for Israel's Prime Minister, and lack of public support for Israel, arguably America's best ally and certainly our best ally in the Middle East, deserves a much more scathing and hardline critique from all.

From World Jewish Digest 3/24/15

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin has some advice for Israelis: Beware of Barack Obama.
First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the borders, doubles the debt and nationalizes the Internet.
He lies to the public, ignores the Constitution, inflames race relations and urges Latinos to punish Republican “enemies.” He abandons our allies, appeases tyrants, coddles adversaries and uses the Crusades as an excuse for inaction as Islamist terrorists slaughter their way across the Mideast.
Now he’s coming for Israel.
Barack Obama not only wants to transform America, Goodwin writes, he wants to transform the world. And that's why he's been so focused on changing the status quo in Israel, which he sees as an impediment to his grand vision for the Middle East with Iran at its center as an ally.
Apologists and wishful thinkers, including some Jews, insist Obama realizes that the special relationship between Israel and the United States must prevail and that allowing too much daylight between friends will encourage enemies. Those people are slow learners, or, more dangerously, deny-ists. If Obama’s six years in office teach us anything, it is that he is impervious to appeals to good sense. Quite the contrary. Even respectful suggestions from supporters that he behave in the traditions of American presidents fill him with angry determination to do it his way.
As we have seen from this recent flare up in relations over the willful misinterpretation of a statement on Palestinian statehood, Obama feels unshackled in his last two years in office to go after Israel with venom.
The only way to stop him is to always stand up for what's right and speak truth to power.

Can't you see the thorough his deep antisemitism here and its impact on Israel?
"Charles krauthammer-iranian-ayatollahs-chants-death-to-america-but-obama-attacks-israel-"
Terrorism expert Steve Emerson: “we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups
"Former CIA official:  Obama has switched sides"
see the plethora of evidence: Israel
Do you recall how Jerusalem was booed at the 2012 democratic convention?
Top JEWISH DEMs have chosen evil jihadist Obama over the Jewish 

Obama keeps appointing Jew haters to top posts. the latest
The Dems are off the deep end. Three of their 2016 candidates for Senate -- Joe Sestak, Kamala Harris, and Donna Edwards -- are virulently anti-Israel (bordering on antisemitic as well).

Obama has coopted jews too. Look at the "pro" anti Israel group J Street, Obama started with Iranian money, this week said at their DC Conferenc:

Obama is still fooling even really smart Jews/ Dershowitz ASSUMES Obama is negotiating with iran in US interests. he is not. He is aiding and abetting jihad.

HILLARY is just as anti Israel! Hillary's top aid is Muslim brotherhood, Hillary took millions from terrorist nations while Secr State,  and documenting her long anti israel career except when she ran for NY Senate. etc. Takes money from many evil nations, including Iran As President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry close in on a nuclear deal with Iran, it's worth remembering that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation received money from "a front for the government of Iran" called the Alavi Foundation.

Look at more examples: against

Obama endangers the whole world with his pro jihadist worldview. Do you want Isis and Alquida to continue spreading everywhere? Can't you see how Islamic terrorism continues to spread rapidly under his watch? and so much of it is anti Jewish? That he pretends to fight Isis, that he sees Iran as an ally now"  

Obama is so brazen for terror he!!!!!

and on the DOMESTIC FRONT! Democratic policies are severely hurting the poor, middle class, blacks, racial tensions and so much more,

1. Do you hate the poor? Obama/Democrats have given USA RECORD POVERTY

2. Do you hate the middle class?

3. Do you hate Blacks?

4. Do you like increased racial tension? Can't you see how obama is escalting tension?

5. Do you hate your grandchildren? He has DOUBLED all previous US debt.

+ our Jewish kids are being intimidated and harassed in college campuses in growing numbers, all under Obama's pro Islamic terror policies. Don't you care?

6. Do you want USA to have huge Islamic terror infiltration in our government?

7. Do you want IRS to be used to persecute pro israel groups?

8. You don't care he's gutting our military as China, Russia and Islamic terrorism expand?

9. Democrats policies are inimical to Jewish values and interests
They TALK compassion, but their POLICIES produce  the opposite

What possible rationale can there be for continuing to support this anti American party?

Apologists and wishful thinkers, including some Jews, insist Obama real­izes that the special relationship between Israel and the United States must prevail and that allowing too much daylight between friends will encourage enemies.
Those people are slow learners, or, more dangerously, deny-ists.
If Obama’s six years in office teach us anything, it is that he is impervious to appeals to good sense. Quite the contrary. Even respectful suggestions from supporters that he behave in the traditions of American presidents fill him with angry determination to do it his way.
For Israel, the consequences will be intended. Those who make excuses for Obama’s policy failures — naive, bad advice, bad luck — have not come to grips with his dark impulses and deep-seated rage.
His visceral dislike for Netanyahu is genuine, but also serves as a convenient fig leaf for his visceral dislike of Israel. The fact that it’s personal with Netanyahu doesn’t explain six years of trying to bully Israelis into signing a suicide pact with Muslims bent on destroying them. Netanyahu’s only sin is that he puts his nation’s security first and refuses to knuckle ­under to Obama’s endless demands for unilateral concessions.
That refusal is now the excuse to act against Israel. Consider that, for all the upheaval around the world, the president rarely has a cross word for, let alone an open dispute with, any other foreign leader. He calls Great Britain’s David Cameron “bro” and praised Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, who had called Zionists, “the descendants of apes and pigs.”
Obama asked Vladimir Putin for patience, promising “more flexibility” after the 2012 election, a genuflection that earned him Russian aggression. His Asian pivot was a head fake, and China is exploiting the vacuum. None of those leaders has gotten the Netanyahu treatment, which included his being forced to use the White House back door on one trip, and the cold shoulder on another.
It is a clear and glaring double standard.
Most troubling is Obama’s bended-knee deference to Iran’s Supreme Leader, which has been repaid with “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” demonstrations in Tehran and expanded Iranian military action in other countries.
The courtship reached the height of absurdity last week, when Obama wished Iranians a happy Persian new year by equating Republican critics of his nuclear deal with the resistance of theocratic hard-liners, saying both “oppose a diplomatic solution.” That is a damnable slur given that a top American military official estimates that Iranian weapons, proxies and trainers killed 1,500 US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who in their right mind would trust such an evil regime with a nuke?
Yet Netanyahu, the leader of our only reliable ally in the region, is ­repeatedly singled out for abuse. He alone is the target of an orchestrated attempt to defeat him at the polls, with Obama political operatives, funded in part by American taxpayers, working to elect his opponent.
They failed and Netanyahu prevailed because Israelis see him as their best bet to protect them. Their choice was wise, but they better buckle up because it’s Israel’s turn to face the wrath of Obama.

and now Dems want to repeat this tragedy with hillary

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