Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Obama's pretend anger at Israel: divert attention from iran deal or alienate Americans from israel?

Obama's pretend anger at Israel: divert attention from iran deal or alienate Americans from israel?

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline blog

believes Obama's phony anger at Israel is "What is the purpose of Obama’s dishonest attack on Netanyahu? Ideally, he’d like to pressure Netanyahu into making more concessions to the Palestinians than he previously has. There’s a long pattern of manufacturing outrage at Netanyahu for this purpose.
But Obama probably understands that there isn’t going to be a peace agreement during the relatively short remainder of his administration and that, thereafter, all bets are off. Thus, Obama’s conniving conduct probably has an additional purpose. Might that purpose be to alienate Israel from America, including American Jews? I suspect so."

It is working to alienate Americans.  Support for Israel among Dems is under 50%.

However, the coincidence of it being so close to trying to work out this catastrophic deal with iran, says to me he's at least ALSO tryig to divert our attention from the deal so the pro israel community is forced to defend israel all the time instead of focusing full attention on the genocidal deal.

John Bolton "the deal President Obama is negotiating with Iran is an unprecedented surrender by the Untied States."
Obama's Top 10 lies about Iran

1. They made a fatwa vs nuclear weapons LIE

2. their faith precludes them from using nuclear weapons LIE
3. His policies have hampered their progress towards nuclear weapons. LIE Washington post gave it 3 pinochios.
4. 99.9% Muslim want what we want LIE 60% in polls support violent jihad  over 1 billion
5. Iran has been abiding by agreements so far LIE
6. That US will walk away from bad deal Mullahs say obama desperately wants deal.…/secret-deal-iran-behind-obamas-war…/
Candidate Obama 2008 sent secret envoy to mullahs to tell them they'd be very pleased with his policies when elected.…/obama-sent-ambassador-tehran-n…
7. Says his deal will deny Iran nuclear weapons Outline of deal guarantees Iran nuclear weapons.…/video-netanyahu-iran-deal-guaran…-

8. Says our Middle East allies support the deal Many countries in middle east petrified and say now they'll go for nukes too.

9. Lies of omission
a. never disclosed the deep ties his top aids have to iran
Obama's top aids Iranian deep ties


b. never told us he secretly promised mullahs in 2008 he's help them
Candidate Obama 2008 sent secret envoy to mullahs to tell them they'd be very pleased with his policies when elected.…/obama-sent-ambassador-tehran-n…
c. Grossly Minimizes Iran's terrorist evil 
 1.Obama has Iran removed from US terror lists yesterday.…/402070/Iran-removed-from-terrorist-…
2. Obama continues to whitewash Iranian terrorism…/obama-whitewashes-iranian-te…/All this as Mullahs stress desire to take over USA
Iran's Revolutionary Guards: We Shall Not Rest until We Raise the Flag of Islam over the White House
Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's representative in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Ali Shirazi, said on Feb. 26 that Iran would persist in fighting the U.S. until it had "rais[ed] the banner of Islam over the White House. The Islamic nation is determined to enter the arena with all its force, backed by God's will and his grace, and to stand fast against the world of arrogance....You, the enemies of Islam, must expect and realize that every day [you] will be beaten, across the world."
On the same day, Khamenei himself stressed the need to instill the values of jihad and martyrdom in Iranian society, and reiterated the Islamic Revolution's enmity towards the U.S. and opposition to American hegemony and the existing world order. (MEMRI)
Iran leaders world in terror
Approximately 4,000 Americans have been killed by Iran in terrorist attacks since 1970.In 1983 Iran helped finance and direct the bombing of the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, killing hundreds of American military, diplomatic and intelligence personnel. Iran has also been implicated in the 1996 Khobar Tower bombings, which killed 19 American troops stationed in Saudi Arabia.More recently Iran has been responsible for the killing and maiming of thousands of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran through terrorist proxies most notably Hezbollah, has a global reach. Hezbollah operates in Africa, Europe, US and South America. Iran Has a Huge Global Network of Terrorists Who Could Deliver Nuclear and “Dirty” Bombs.If Iran decided to attack a target with a “dirty” bomb, it has the means to deliver it. Iran expects us to die and finance the war they started so they can finish us of. We would be foolish to cavalierly grant our trust to Iran. . Iran has a top secret underground nuclear site enriching uranium intended for nuclear weapons. It's a site that has been hidden from the west for years. That's according to an Iranian opposition group that in a news conference today described the complex as being buried deep underground. The facility has radiation proof doors to prevent any leaks that could be detected by international inspectors. Iran now controls 5 Arab capitals including in the former sovereign nations of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya and of course Iran. Think they will stop there. They have repeatedly said they will not stop until the flag of islam flies over the White house and repeatedly they plan to destroy Israel.
3. Never m,entions he wants iran to be regional power  Obama wants Iran to be nuclear regional power.

10, Said he fought for strong sanctions LIE 

weakened sanctions consistently.…/…/are-obamas-iran-sanctions-a-ruse/

Why does Obama lie like this? He's pro jihad and knows he can fool most of USA by lying

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