Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why make this Iran deal? Why uptick in anti-Israel talk?

WHY WOULD OBAMA DO THIS CATASTROPHIC DEAL WITH WORLD'S WORST TERRORIST NATION? and why suddenly a significant uptick in anti Israel talk from Obama?

He hates Israel + wants to divert attention away from catastrophic  Iran deal

Obama genocidal Iran deal causing widespread nuclear arms race in Middle East

Why would Obama do this, helping world's worst terrorist state and create nuclear arms race? Obama wants Iran to be nuclear regional power.
He is a jihadist with a staff full of pro iranians. (Kerry son-in-law, Jarrett born there, Susan rice investments)
Don't believe any of Obama's lies about the Iran deal
He thinks its a mitzvah to lie to advance his cause

Less than half of democrats support israel.

Hillary has long anti Israel history most Jews don't know about

How can any Jew remain a democrat? (Or any sensible American)?

To catch up on Middle East and Muslim country basics

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