Sunday, November 1, 2015

Obama's war on blacks

Michelle is giving speeches blaming whites. Michelle, your husband is getting many blacks killed, losing their jobs, abandoning hope. Hillary will do the same. If you care about minorities and the poor, you must vote conservative Obama war on blacks 1. Record black unemployment/blacks suffer under Obama…/obama-blacks…/2014/01/08/id/545866/ 2. Massive increase in dead black men. Not caused by police. Why? Obama. Obama causing huge amount of black deaths How Obama's efforts to exacerbate racial tension is leading to massive increase in black deaths m Getting them killed through efforts to lie about police leading to massive spike in black on black crime 3. Record poverty and dependency…/more-children-living-po…/30415391/ even though Democrats created HUNDREDS of programs and spent $22 TRILLION over 50 years. Why? These programs incentivize long term dependency

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