Thursday, December 31, 2015

Who are the winners in 2015? America's enemies. Losers? the West

Who are the winners and losers in 2015? + top 7 lies of 2015


1. Ali Hosseini Khamenei IRAN gets genocidal nuclear deal plus $150 billion, commit any violation with no consequences

 2. Ayman al-Zawahiri AL QUIDA expands territory.

 3 abu bakr al-baghdadi.ISIS JV to top of big leagues, expanding wildly. worldwide terror. Isis makes Yazidi mothers eat their children and rape Christians to death (Sweden %5 population Muslim, account for 70% of rapes) and Democrats want to import 100,000 Syrians Moslems of whom 209% pledge allegiance to isis.

4. PUTIN expands to Middle East . Sissifies Obama.

5. ASSAD Syria told by Obama to get out but now can stay as long as Putin lets him.

6. Castro CUBA. tin horn banana tyrannical republic gets full diplomatic rights.

7. CHINA expands and expands.

 8. Phony barbaric PALESTINIANS who stab, ram, shoot and missile Jews and have zero desire to live in peace but somehow the morally inverted world sees them as the victims.

9. HILLARY: got away with selling out USA for her husband to get bigger fees, allowing nations secrets to get hacked on her illegal personal server as secr of state, got away with lying about Benghazi responsibility and many other lies and immoral activities. More than 1,200 Clinton emails now deemed

10. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS allowed to cross our borders, commit violent felonies and given sanctuary illegally in over 300 US cities

LOSERS?: America's poor,(record poverty under Obama)  indebted future generations,(Obama doubled all previous debt in 8 years), all our allies, college students (50% can't get full time jobs under Obama,)  businesses (more closing than opening under Obama), American workers (huge % gave up looking for work+ most NEW jobs he touts are part time and low wages), those killed in massive spike of killings due to increased racial tension under Obama . But what can we expect from a jihadist and radical leftist president?


Top 7 Lies 2015

1. 99.9% of Muslims want what we want

2. Syrian refugees are women and children and just like WW2 Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler and we should take 100,000/we can vet them

3. Iran deal will prevent war

4. I, Obama, have done so much good for USA.

5. Hillary "I am not a liar”

6. Terrorism is caused by: climate change, lack of love, lack of jobs, lack of gun control and is not tied to Islam

7. Israel is the obstacle to peace with Palestinians



Obama worst president ever  

Obama is a radical Islamic jihadist


Hillary is the MOST CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT and DANGEROUS person ever to run for president. see video 

+ her pro jihad/anti-Israel views

Hillary pathological liar


There is no such thing as Islamophobia. Fear of Muslims is rational

Islam is USA is criminal sedition.


 Why do the Democrats want to endanger Americans by bringing in more Muslim refugees?


2 clear reasons Iran WILL use nuclear weapons vs Israel and the USA


Phony barbarian Palestinians just want Jews dead and to steal Jewish land

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