Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bernie hides his Jewishness and will increase anti-Semitism

Some Jews are proud a Jew is a serious candidate for president. They are very misguided for several reasons
1. Bernie is a NEGATIVE role model for Jews. He HIDES his Jewishness. In his speech he said he is the son of "Polish immigrants" Every real jew would say "Polish Jewish immigrants". He has said he was born Jewish but that is all. Just what we need. The most prominent jew in the nation ignoring his Jewishness and saying it has no impact on his life.Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew and was a positive role model. Sanders has stayed far away from organized American Jewish life both personally and professionally, and the U.S. Jewish establishment in turn had a hard time regarding as one of its own a secular socialist congressional iconoclast who has never belonged to a synagogue, never appeared at pro-Israel rallies or AIPAC events, and has refrained from returning to the Jewish state since his now-infamous kibbutz stint in the 1960’s. Sanders has never referred to his Judaism except in jest - as in his Saturday Night Live appearance - or when asked directly about it by a reporter
2. He will INCREASE ANTI SEMITISM anti semitism once the nation realizes his "free stuff" will massively increase taxes and double our already terrible debt. It will be loads of references to Jews and money. The Bernie plan will ruin the economy for all
Taxes matter. People leave states because taxes are high. The reason companies have gone overseas is because we have the highest tax rates in the world for corporations. Bernie raising taxes creates a DISINCENTIVE for people and companies to work. There is a point at which people say “why bother” when they work more and more for the government. Democrat JFK understood lower taxes produce more growth. Reagan proved it.
Bernie plan is dangerous. Socialism=government controls the means of production and distribution of income. Countries that do that cannot field their own people and the 3 major countries that tried it killed at least 50 million people each last century: China under mao, Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler. Bernie says he is a Democratic socialoist but he actually is an old communist. Honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

3. His israel "advisors are all viciously anti israel. Israel hater Bernie sanders…/meet-bernie-sanders-israel-hating-…/

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