Friday, February 26, 2016

How 1000 Rabbis can be stupid and harmful. 3 horrible examples
1 . 400 Rabbis signed a letter supporting Obama’s genocidal Iran deal, despite the chants of “death to Israel” and the promise from their leader “israel will not be here in 25 years”. Daily Iran violates the agreement by buying huge weapon systems and now paying a bounty to terrorists for every dead Jew.
2.       2. About 1000 Rabbis signed a letter supporting worst-ever-US-President Obama’s election

3.       3. Now 1000 Rabbis signed a letter supporting the Democrat’s desire to import 100,000 unvettable Syrian rapefugees, even though a. All our security agencies say we cannot vet them b. 80% are military age males c. 13% admit to supporting isis d. Rapefugees are regularly being arrested for terrorism activities e. 25% current US Muslims admit to supporting violent jihad f. There has been a massive surge of rapes, violent crime, welfare among those rapefugees currently infiltrating Europe g. Isis proudly announces the intention is militant infiltration and conquest by rape h. bizarrely try and equate Jews fleeing Hitler to these fighting rapists i. 65 Muslims countries won’t take any. What do they know we don’t j. Democrats want them solely because 80% vote Democratic when they come here

    4. They'll probably support Hillary despite

Why do they do this? Their loyalty is to the Democratic 

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