Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fair minded independents: How can you contemplate voting for Hillary: most corrupt, dangerous lying person ever to run

Fair minded independents: How can you contemplate voting for Hillary:

1.    She and Bill took millions and millions from the world’s first actors to finance their phony foundation (their lavish lifestyle including $20+ million in flights last year). Think those donations were made without influencing her in mind?
2.    She denounced Wall street but took millions in speaker fees
3.    She had the most top secret info on her private server, hacked by our nations enemies and 150 FBI agents work full time on it
4.    $6 billion is missing from the State department during her tenure
5.    She ignored 600 requests from her “friend” Ambassador Stevens in Libya, leaving him to die and then lied repeated ly to the world and the families of the 4 dead Americans. Blaming Benghazi on a video when she knew it was a lie.
6.      10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president
8.    Woman abuser. Led campaign to attack women Bill raped and assaulted
9.    Solution to Islamic terrorism? She says more love and kindness
10. Dozen scandals media covered up for her
11. Pathological liar: besides server, and Benghazi lied about after whom she’s named, lied about being in sniper fire once and many others
12. World fell apart on her watch at secr state: Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Islamic terrorism spread like wildfire, Russia China advances
13. RADICAL Radical Domestic anti-growth political views. Her thesis was on Saul Alinsky, same influence as Obama had. Her plans will bankrupt USA. Plans $1 trillion in new spending.
14. Says she wants to build on Obama’s success. He has been the worst president ever in US history. 54 illustrations:

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