Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quantico TV program anti Israel bias

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ABC series riddled with lies about Israel [VIDEO]

by ArchitectGuy
ABC TV’s Quantico Melodrama Demonizes Israel With Falsehoods
by Myron Kaplan
February 24, 2016
Often there's a fine line between a fictional work that takes essentially benign liberties with the truth and one that contains potentially harmful propaganda. ABC's Quanticoseries crosses the line. Thus far in this series that began on Sept. 27, 2015, only one foreign country, Israel, has been defamed. Since inevitably some viewers will grant authenticity to false assertions in a fictional drama if it is slickly produced and staged, what Quantico says matters....ABC feeds viewers an "action-figure" version of unsubstantiated allegations like those from the "Breaking the Silence" group. The melodrama's lone "things that haunt me" character is a Jew mightily conflicted, at once evil and pathetic in a contrived depiction, about his actions "just following orders" Nazi-like in the Israeli Army.

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