Saturday, February 6, 2016

Islamic terror spreads all over and Obama and Hillary assist them

How Liberals/Democrats are destroying the world by enabling Islamic jihadism,
just as Hillary enabled Bill's sexual assaults by attacking his victims, 

Islamic terror is destroying Europe through the planned invasion of Isis fighters in the guide of refugees. The Paris mastermind confessed he came in group of 90 Isis fighters posing as refugees. Other Islamic terror groups are mass murdering in Africa., as well as taking over Libya, yemen, vast parts of Iraq and Syria. The racist left/liberals do not care because the victims are not white, and the delusional left loves the mass murderers, suggesting they are just poor refugees, even though 80% are military age men. This besides Obama's catastrophic Iran deal Iran has new hundreds of BILLIONS in new business, spending huge amounts on terrorism. All part of jihadist obama's plan. and clearly the terrorists want Hillary to win. 10 reasons why:

How Obama midwifed Isis

A vote for Hillary is a vote to get your daughter raped
Hillary did not care when her husband raped and abused women. In fact, she led the campaign to further abuse them. Now she, and all Democrats
want to import 100,000 Muslim rapefugees, on top of the million Muslims Obama has allowed to immigrate. 1. FBI says they are unvettable 2. 25% current USA Muslims support violent jihad. 3 80% Rapefugees are military age men. 4. At least 13% admit to supporting Isis. 5. Isis can now make US Customs foolproof passports.
Our radical Dem candidate for Senator in Illinois, Tammy Duckworth wants to import 200,000 rapefugees. Why? Because 80% Muslims vote democratic. they don't care if your daughter gets raped.

Public spaces are becoming perilous for women and children

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