Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Guiding principle of every problem we face: Do the OPPOSITE of what the Democrats want and we’ll be fine

Guiding principle of every problem we face:
Do the OPPOSITE of what the Democrats want and we’ll be fine. Vote them in again and we’ll be ruined and probably dead.
1. Help the poor. Democrats’ idea? welfare program. 60 years $22 trillion. Result? Record poverty
2. World Peace. Democrats’ idea? Gut military, embrace our enemies, and alienate our allies. Result? Enemies emboldened and advancing, allies alienated, terror increasing, countries disintegrating
3. Racial tension: Democrats’ idea? Make everything about race. Blame the police, Fund professional rioters. Result? Huge increase in racial tension, riots, murder rates spiking in cities
4. Violence. Democrats’ idea? Blame everything on gun control and climate change. Result? 10x more mass shootings under Obama
5. Economy/jobs: Democrats’ idea? Massive new regulations, job killing Obamacare, double all previous US debt, annual deficits much higher than any other president, massive new taxes Result? More businesses fail than start, record # adults not in job market, 50% college grads can’t get full time job, income inequality massive increased spread
6. Islamic terrorism: Democrats’ idea? Appease Islamic radicals, never associate the Islamic terrorists with Islam, do virtually nothing to stop isis, lie about Benghazi, give Iran hundreds of billions to increase their terrorism. Try and shame and silence anyone who speaks the truth. Hire terrorist in high levels of US. Want to import unvettable rapefugees. Result? Isla,mic terrism spreading all over the world.
Amidst the topic of the candidates totally dominating the conversation: we must keep the main thing the main thing. Defeat Hillary and overturn all of Obama's disastrous 8 years.
1. Hillary proudly says she is running as Obama’s third term. Obama’s first 2 are destroying USA. His 2 goals in “radically transforming America” were to weaken us and advance Islamic jihad. 54 illustrations
2. Hillary is the most corrupt, lying, immoral, dangerous person ever to run for president. vs.
How Obama/Democrats hurt poor, blacks, minorities, women
Hillary led assault on women assaulted by Bill’s rape victims
Top top top secrets emails on her personal server hacked by our enemies. + she lies to the Benghazi families despite knowing the truth.

3. Democrats FOREIGN AFFAIRS: enhancing Islamic terrorism, undermining our allies, strengthening tyrants, ignoring Russia/China advancing
a. Obama/Clinton/Democratic Iran appeasement endangers the world
b. Just as Hillary enabled Bill's sexual assaults by attacking his victims, Liberals/Democrats are destroying the world by enabling Islamic jihadism,
c. As world burns, Obama/Hillary appeases terrorists, Iran and attacks Israel. Why Pro Palestine=pro terrorism.
d. Hillary emails shows depth of her hatred of Israel

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