Friday, September 9, 2016

9-11 Democrats learned the exact WRONG lessons.

Democrats learned the exact WRONG lessons. They refuse to identify the enemy, which is radical Islam, even though there are regular mass murders by Muslim terrorists on our soil and despite the president of Muslim Jordan and Egypt stating that radical Islamic jihad is a very serious problem, Their policies more than appease radical Islamic jihad, they aid and abet it. $150 billion to the world's greatest Islamic terrorist state, iran and and deal so full to holes that iran cheats with impunity. They allowed Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq to fall apart and become lawless bastions of radical Islam. Obama and Hillary TRIED and thank God failed to turn egypt over to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Despite the obvious impact allowing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into Europe, among whom Isis brags about sneaking in thousands of isis soldiers, and NO Muslim nation allowing ANY refugees in, Democrats support doing that here. The 85+ radical islamic terror groups have all expanded. The Democratic administration continues to FIRE military officers who disagree with their policies, and hire Muslim Brotherhood personnel in our security apparatus. Obama has welcomed over 1,000,000 Muslims without vetting, most from shariah nations. The top aid for decades of Hillary was outed last week as having edited her mother's radical islamic terrorist journal.
Most scary, half of america plans to vote for Hillary. Most of these atrocities happened with her approval and support.

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