Saturday, September 3, 2016

After yesterday FBI release of notes, we know now,

After yesterday FBI release of notes, we know now,
1. that while Hillary told us she used one device, she used 13. She told FBI she lost a bunch of them. They contained classified material. Thought I saw them on eBay for sale to highest bidder from seller named Monica hater.
2. Turns out the reason Comey said she lied to us but not the FBI is because she said 25x in the interview she "could not remember. " 3. 3. Also turns out she had emails deleted, which she said were about yoga but now we know were about Benghazi etc, right after New York Times first published info that she had this unsecured personal server.
4. Why is she not in jail? seems obvious since FBI Director Comey had ties to Clinton foundation.
He answers to Loretta Lynch who answers to Obama who endorsed
5. Left irate at accusation Hillary too ill to serve. Now FBI confirms she says 35x in the interview because of medical issue, brain injury, could not remember key facts. If she could not remember 35 key facts about classified information because of brain injury, HOW is she well enough to serve?
Hillary. Democratic stench of corruption is deep beyond comprehension. Vote for Hillary and you vote for evil.
24 reasons NOT to vote for Hillary

Mexico's President Peña Nieto said he had a nice meeting with Trump and said one day he hopes he CAN AFFORD to meet with Hillary too. 275 Days NO PRESS CONFERENCES. What is she hiding? 25 things what we KNOW for sure about Hillary that make it insane to vote for her unless you want to RUIN the nation. /…/20-things-what-we-k…

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