Friday, September 16, 2016

It was not anti-Semitism.from Eric Trump

One of the trump sons yesterday said "if my father did that they'd put him in the gas chambers". Immediately Anti defamation league, a group that has been hijacked by extreme left anti Israel leadership, (…/adl-turns-anti-israel-daniel-…) denounced the statement as referring to the nazis. Idiots, he was referring to capital punishment,…/donald-trump-jr-clarifies-gas-cham…
It is Hillary that is the anti Semite and Israel hater.
Hillary is a vicious lifetime anti-Semite and racist, Israel hater, pro-Islamic jihad, except during election season, on the take for hundreds of millions from them $$$,+ most corrupt, evil, incompetent, repugnant, psychotic, pathologically lying, reckless and negligent candidate ever.
Hillary voters betray Israel. Caroline Glick of Jerusalem post says Obama worst ever US President for Israel and Hillary will be worse and that Bibi greatly prefers Trump.…/
1. No chance a Hillary president will scuttle genocidal Iran deal or stop Iran's constant cheating. She is huge proponent of it.
2. No chance she'll be aggressive vs Islamic jihad.
A. She took hundreds of millions in bribes from them in pay to play. They didn't pay those bribes out of kindness of their hearts. They are barbarians. She and Bill have taken millions from terrorist nations and front groups she owes therm big. .…/foreign-donations-to-hill…/
B. She says Islamic gas nothing to do with terror.
C. She says we must empathize with them and fight Isis with live and kindness.
D. It was during her incompetent tenure at State Isis was born, and 5 countries devolved into terror countries.
E. She tried and failed to get Terrorist Muslim brotherhood leader to retain power in Egypt. Morsi.
F. her probable chief-of-staff Huma edited radical Islamic journal and cones from Muslim terrorist family.
3. Hillary is lifelong Israel hater.
A. Her other top advisor, so bad even Obama wouldn't let her hire him at State, Sid Blumenthal, constantly forwarded vicious anti Israel emails to her.…/hillarys-email-trail-of-troubling-an…/
B. She tried to justify 10000 missiles from Gazan schools and hospitals.
C. Distributed articles to staff they called the anti Israel handbook. Hillary’s Emails Reveal That She Distributed to Staff “I Hate Israel Handbook”…/
D Called Israel occupiers.…/clinton-accuses-israel-of-being-oc…/
E. #3 top donor to Hillary, Soros has spent tens of millions on attacking Israel…/eaf…/why-is-team-hillary-taking.html…/b…/not-shocking%3A-george-soros.html
F. Fully embraces Blacklivesmatter that have aligned themselves with jihadist anti-Israel terrorist organizations…/black-lives-matters-anti-…/
G. Her VP pick has extensive Muslim terrorist ties…/clinton-vp-pick-tim-kaines-isla…/
4. Trump is 100% behind Israel.

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