Thursday, September 8, 2016

How 2 radical Muslim women could run the last and next administrations

Huma=Valarie Jarrett
So Huma announces she is dumping her sexting husband Weiner. Rush today was wondering why she married him in first place. Answer; Part of Muslim Brotherhood plan is have the girls marry up and coming Jewish and Christian politicians to gain access to power in America. She just bet on bad horse but is powerfully positioned anyway.
     Americans did not pay close attention to the danger posed by Obama’s top aid, Iranian born and Farci speaking Valarie Jarett. What we got was
a. catastrophic Iran deal,
c. $150 billion in cash to Iran,
d. no consequences to Iran cheating and cheating,
e. $400 million ransom paid for 4 kidnapped victims,
f.  weekly humiliations by iran of our forces,
g. Iran proxies growing more powerful daily with iran’s help
     So now America may well elect Hillary whose top aid is a a devoted Muslim brotherhood radical.
Muslim Brotherhood has already started infiltrating the upper echelons of American politics
     Why radical islamists so much want Hillary to win

America, you’ve been warned. The consequences for the US, Israel and a free world are severe.

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