Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hillary and Dems ENDANGER all of us by importing Syrian rapefugees

Hillary and Dems ENDANGER all of us by importing Syrian rapefugees.
1.       Isis celebrates NY bombing and Democrat politicians in NY pretend it’s not Isis to help Hillary Bombs, pressure cookers, guns, knives, airplanes, car rammings, soon poison and nuks.
2.       Someone just said to me "her heart goes out to those poor refugees" and therefore we should bring in all that Obama and Hillary want. "More than 100,000 are on their way to the United States, in Obama’s projection for fiscal 2017 which starts in 2 weeks. bringing along ISIS.
3.       Hillary supporters: this is INSANE. Wake up
4.    Obama thinks isis is a joke same day as bombings!
5.       Ex CIA chief says their unwillingness to call out Islamic link to terrorism is causing real damage.
6.       Today Isis takes credit for NY bombing and Minnesota stabbings. Another Pipe bomb in NJ. Another pressure cooker found unexploded in NYC. More murders in Europe. Yesterday women gang raped at Eifel Tower.
a. Do you not see what they are doing to Europe?
b. Do you not see that 80% are military age fighting men and that most have declared support for jihadi groups, especially Isis? That Isis BRAGS its terrorists will infiltrate with the refugees. They already have.
c. That the US has already had several horrific incidents from the few week took in already?
d. So your heart evidently does not go out in advance to the many Americans these rapefugees will rape, rob, harass and kill?
e. 0 Muslim countries have taken ANY Muslim refugees. What do they know this lady does not?
f. Democrats exhibit a fundamental misunderstanding of the key Biblical verse "Love thy neighbor as thyself". They think that means welcome all refugees, regardless of consequences out of love. But the verse clearly says "as thyself". It starts with self love. if you don't love yourself enough to prevent suicide, and don't love your current neighbors enough to limit harm to them, you sin. That is what liberals do when they want to welcome islamic terrorists, even if some of those accompanying them are not. We cannot vet any of them properly

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