Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Illinois 10th election 2016 bids pro Obama far leftist Brad Schneider vs israel supporter Congressman Bob Dold

Illinois 10th. Very pro Israel Bob Dold won seat in 2010, when vacated by very pro Israel now Senator Kirk. 2 years later in the 2012 Obama election, Dold lost to ultra leftist J Street supporter Brad Schenider.http://youtu.be/5fry4qnx_YA. Dold retook seat in 2014. Schenider wants to run again 2016. Steve Sheffey, an Obama lackey and defender touted Schneider being at the Netanyahu speech, though so many traitorous Democrats, including illinois 9 Congresswoman Jewish Jan Schakowski boycotted. The joke, Sheffey, is that Brad probably did himself worse off, showing his true anti israel, pro traitor Obama colors by sitting and scowling at Netanyahu throughout. Schakowski was punished Sunday by being disinvited from keshet dinner she was to be honored at. Tell Brad to give it up. Jews will come to their senses and see him for the disrespectful, anti israel guy he is. See him sit, far left of video, second row, the one with a scowl opn his face. See Schenider sit here http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4530021/look-came-didnt-stand

and Ill 9 And the there is the shameless Jan Schakowsky now leading the charge for the pro-mullah National Iranian American Council (NIAC):  

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