Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is Obama going after menendez (D-NJ) because Menendez fights Obama on iran appeasement?

The Times of israel) 
A top pro-Israel Democrat in the US Senate, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), may be charged with corruption following allegations he used his office to advance the business interests of a Democratic donor in exchange for gifts.
Menendez defiantly said Friday he has always been honest in office even as a person familiar with the matter said he’s expected to face criminal charges soon.

"As one of the top Democratic critics of the Obama administration’s pursuit of negotiations with Tehran, Menendez has faced off personally against the president in Democratic forums. Menendez is a co-sponsor of a bill that would give Congress a chance to review and vote on any deal the US signs with Iran over its nuclear program as well as of the embattled Nuclear Free Iran Act of 2015.
The former bill would require President Barack Obama to submit any agreement reached with Tehran to Congress within five days. In addition to the text of the agreement, the bill would require the White House to submit information about Iran’s compliance and a certification that the agreement meets US non-proliferation goals and does not jeopardize US national security, including not allowing Iran to pursue nuclear-related military activities. Moreover, it would prohibit the president from suspending, waiving or easing any congressional sanctions being levied on Iran for 60 days.
Obama has threatened to veto the measure, as well as the Nuclear Free Iran Act, which would threaten Iran with additional sanctions should talks fail to generate a comprehensive nuclear agreement.
Earlier this week, however, Menendez was greeted with ringing applause by some 16,000 attendees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference. There, his tough stance on Iran only added to his cachet when he reiterated his strong support for Israel.
“When it comes to defending the US-Israel relationship, I am not intimidated by anyone—not Israel’s political enemies, and not by my political friends when I believe they’re wrong,” Menendez said triumphantly before a crowd that applauded enthusiastically throughout his address.

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