Friday, March 20, 2015

Obama and UN are toxically anti semtitic and anti american

Obama and UN are toxically anti Semitic and anti american

Obama wants to push his traitorous, potentially genocidal Nuclear weapons plan through the UN, avoiding a very skeptical Congress.note1.  He also intends to undermine Israel in UN (a US first ever) to push for another Islamic terrorist state, Palestine. note2.Why? He's pro jihad and anti Israel. note3.
The UN is a anti semitic, Islamic cesspool and we have no business supporting it. note4. Another example of this outrageous bias is the conclusion that ISArael is worst nation on earth regarding women,  when in fact, israel is the most advanced nation on earth regarding women's rights and the ONLY free place for Muslim women in the Middle East. note 5

to see more details of UN bias see

Sen Graham says Congress will cut off UN funding if Obama goes there to bypass congress regarding iran deal. note 6  Let's keep the pressure on. DUMP THE UN. Why is is polluting our shores? Why do fund way out of proportion?

5. Israel

Obama Buries the Hatchet - in Netanyahu's Head- Elliott Abrams
On Wednesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest went out of his way to attack Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, stating: "There has been a lot of coverage in the media about some of the rhetoric that emerged yesterday that was propagated by the Likud Party to encourage turnout of their supporters that sought to, frankly, marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens." No reporter asked Earnest about this subject. He simply went out of his way to criticize a statement Netanyahu had made about getting out Likud voters, to counteract what he said were massive efforts to get out the Arab vote.
    The issue isn't whether that Netanyahu statement was awful or admirable, but the conduct of the White House. The leader of a close ally wins a democratic election. President Obama takes the occasion to hit him again. The writer is a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. (Council on Foreign Relations)

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