Friday, March 13, 2015

Why racial tensions are increasing? It is part of Obama's plan.

Confused why racial tensions seem exacerbated despite Black prez, attorney general, advisor etc?
Read Alinsky Rules for Radicals
Obama is behind all this racial strife.
Obama and Hillary mentored by Alinsky, That want societal chaos so the public clamors for martial law and radical transformation, as Obama promised we would have 5 days before inauguration. His main childhood mentor, Frank Davis, was acknowledged communist, as is his minister, American hating Jeremiah Wright. Radical billionaire Soros is financing all this unrest. incliding Occupy movement, Furgeson,

Obama exacebrates racial tension  "travon looks like my son would" "boston police acted stupidly,"

Obama inviting outside agitators in Furgeson to secret White House meeting, (

Obama open southern borders flooding us with illegals, flooding us with Muslim immigrants: all part of the program.

Obama wants chaos, not calm. That is why it is happening.

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