Friday, May 15, 2015

How could ABC NOT fire despicable Stephanopoulos?

Geraldo: ABC Fired Me for $200 Donation, Why Not the Same for...

Stephanopoulos should be fired immediately, his donation was much worse.

Stephanopoulos works for Clinton White House.
After, pretends to be journalist.
Sets up anti Republican phony "war-on'women" by repeatedly asking Romney about contraception when no one was discussing it.
Important book comes out detailing Clinton Foundation being used as slush fund, extravagent living opportunity, bribe absorbing fund for immoral Clintons. Stephanopoulos grills author like a deposition, to try and discredit him, PRETENDING again to be a journalist.
Turns out all the while he donated $75,000 to that same foundation.
He last lost what little credibility he had,. This a despicable action. he must be fired and leave journalism forever.

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