Saturday, May 23, 2015

Obama subtle and effective in moving ahead with Israel's destruction, and spreading radical islam

Hitler was crystal clear in his intentions to kill Jews, as was Haman and many Muslim leaders today. Others who want Jews dead, and or,and want Israel gone, are far more subtle. Obama goes to a synagogue today, says he represents Jewish values more than Netanyahu, and that he's really the first Jewish president and the suicidal Jews there applaud him.  That is all part of his diplomatic jihad. Meanwhile, he 1. demands borders for Israel that Abba Eban called Auschwitz borders, 2.  is getting his way on genocidal pact with the worst terrorist nation on earth, Iran which will GUARANTEE them nuclear weapons, even as they shout destruction of Israel and death to America, 3. PRETENDS to fight Isis as they spread like wildfire, and is 50 other ways shows his predilection for the advancement of radical islamic jihad
Obama PRETENDS to fight Isis, weakens America, betrays all our allies, aids jihad, appeases Iran and pretends to support Israel
To anyone who does NOT think Obama is trying to weaken America and Israel and aid Islamic jihad, answer please this hundred examples and questions's

As Iran chanted death to America and Israel, Obama keeps giving them more and more concessions. WORST nation on earth.
Why Iran must be defeated

Why does he so desperately want the deal? He wants to strengthen Islamic jihad. 50 examples.

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